K-9 Training

I know these are not Drahthaars. The top one is a Belgian Malinois. The bottomt is a Dutch Shepherd in action.
The reason for this post is just to show how proud of my nephew i am. He is the Canine Manager for SLC F.D. He trains and works with dogs all over the country to prepare them and handle them in Urban Search and Rescue situations. He also does live find and cadaver dogs as well. He has traveled all over training and testing his dog Wersley as well as many other dogs he has prepared for other orginizations. He has a Chocolate Lab, a Belgian Malinois and is now in the process of getting a Dutch Shepherd.
He is looking to test these dogs according to the Dutch standard of what they call the KNPV.
Much like the Germans the Dutch have a very strict way of doing things. This is the only orginization that will certify these dogs as Urban Search dogs that have really been put to the test! I think it is really cool that he is getting so into this that he will have to travel to Holland to test and certify these dogs.
Keep up the good work nephew.

Santa Hessian

(poor pooch huh, had to do it)

Training Again

Out to Lee Kay again for some more training with Zac and Mac.
here are a few pics of Jager and Lola by the water. Lola checking out the scenery and Jager, Lola and Hessian doing an example of a 3 dog PLATZ Session. Good distraction!
We were working on getting the pups familiar with water, and see if we could get some swimming in, worked on searching while walking all over not saying much.
I am preparing Hessian for the Breed Show in February. Alot of heeling, trotting, whoaing,platzing and hands on handling. like a judge would do.
I have also been working on Steadiness and Down from a far distance.
Everything seems right on track. Also with the new pups, everything is right on schedule, need to get in some bunny work and time to really crack down for the VJP.

Trapped in the Desert


Went out with Hessian this last friday to hunt down some rabbits for a few guys that need them for their pups. Saw about a dozen but none within shotgun range unfortunately.
While Hessian was searching as big as he does, i heard him yelping in pain, so i ran to his location about 50 yards away and there he was with his front leg caught in this trap. Screaming and pulling, so i rush to him and see the trap, no teeth thankfully. Carefully i open the trap, he yanks his foot out and starts running around me watching what i do. He did not get hurt at all, didn't seem to bother him one bit.
I was really ticked off, Not knowing much about trapping, i've talked to a few people and been on a couple forums. It is legal, and it happens alot, dogs getting caught that is.
Just another thing to keep your eye on when in the field. You never know what you will encounter in the desert. Happy Hunting.