Been a while........

Wow! I realized this morning that it had been a month since my last post! For this i am sorry.
I have seen alot of activity and thought i had better post something.
Since the Pheasant Derby i have been out hunting quite a bit. I have been out for ducks, geese, pheasant, chukar. I have not taken many photos lately. Concentrating mostly on enjoyment of the hunt and working the dog these days. There is a few months left in the hunting season and breed shows are around the corner not to mention time to start training for tests again. So i wanted to share some VJP and breed show articles as well as refer anyone interested to past posts of the subject.
For past posts on VJP and Breed shows please refer to:

For some helpful articles go to:

I also put together a website for my chapter in the VDD. Wild West Chapter baby! Check it out. Just some more Drahthaar stuff to do! I love it! It will be a good way to stay updated on all the VDD GNA Chapter happenings........Wild West Chapter Website click here.

As for our past adventures, duck hunting has been fun. More productive than years past along with the pheasants and chukar too. It has been a really fun hunting season so far. Now that i can focus on letting the dog work more and more. And getting that exposure too more and more. I think this exposure will really help out in the upcoming training for VGP. Hessian is still a ball of fire, but calming much more, understanding me alot more as i am him as well.

Took off out west in chase of chukar this weekend, took a couple pics, nothing too fancy but thought i should share. Never did find the birds, saw lots of sign, a few cottontails and some deer. So it wasn't a total waste....then again what day in God's country with family and a Drahthaar is?

Enjoy the pics, Happy holidays. I will post again sooner than a month i promise!

Pheasant Derby 2009

Once again it was time for the annual Pheasant Derby at Wasatch Wings and Clay. Oh what a time it was! Better than last year for sure. Alot more prizes on the table this year. Good ones too. 2 shotguns, lots of Wasatch Wing and Clay Carhartt Jackets, memberships, hunts, clay shoots, gift cards and even a puppy. Mind it was no Drahthaar but a German Shorthair to train and hunt. I tried for it, but it wasn't my name that won. Oh well.. there will be others! There was a great turnout and my father in law and myself along with my trustee Drahthaar, Hessian had a blast!
Once the rooster flew and they yelled "Go", it was off to the races as everyone ran for their vehicle and headed to a spot to hunt. We got to our area quick as I had already planned the area I wanted to hunt. Luckily no one there yet so off we went. Took about a half hour of walking and Hessian searching and then it was Game On! We had our chance at quite a few roosters.
Mark, my father in law did most the shooting......It was my objective to show him a good time and my chance to really work my dog for some one who would enjoy it. I shot 2 birds, gave one to another hunter so i could continue the hunt with Mark. Kept on hunting, alot of shooting went on, birds would get missed and we would chase them down and get em the second time. A couple birds got wounded and then Hessian's tracking skills had to come into play. No problem, point track and retrieve baby!
Ended up that day with 8 roosters and a hen. What a fabulous hunt! Hessian did exactly as he was supposed to. Pointed, stayed steady for us to arrive and flush, steady to 3 shots or more, steady to fall. Took off like at rocket at "fetch", retrieve to hand! Awesome!!!
Can't wait till next year. Had a great time, made Mark happy, had dinner for two nights and shared with my parents and sisters family all the tasty pheasant. Be sure to watch Roughin it Outdoors Channel 2 or KUTV for more Saturday Nov 7th at 11:00 pm

Went out for a little duck hunting yesterday. Headed out to Ogden Bay with Biz. Got out there, walked for about a half hour - fourty minutes and found a spot to set up. Tossed out a half a dozen decoys and began the waiting game. Got quite a few pass overs, although most of them were just to high. It got a little better toward sundown, more ducks coming in our way, alot more looks and passes and Biz even called a few our way a couple times. We were able to get some shots fired off which always feels good but bagged no ducks this day. Next time, feathered friends, next time!

Why We Own Drahthaars

I wanted to share this story that was e mailed to me by fellow addict Kevin Quast. He received this an email with the same title as this post, from his good friend Dave Swanson.
Kevin had forwarded this on to me and it really caught my attention. Those of you who know and understand my passion for this breed understand I am a firm believer in using this breed for every purpose it was made for. This post will will show, this is why we own Drahthaars. The versatility, the trainability. The pure fact that no game will be left behind. The true nature of ethical hunting done right.
Good Hunting guys, thanks for passing this along Kevin and Dave.


I thought you might like to hear about the buck Franky & I recovered last night (Monday, Oct. 26, 2009). My friend shot him at 5:30 p.m. Sunday. We started the track at 2 p.m. Monday and found him about 3:30 p.m. Total estimated distance was 1/2 mile. The first 400 yards of the track was through a nice clean oak stand, and we found plenty of blood. The next 300 yards or so was through a swamp with calf-deep water but plenty of swamp grass for scenting. Blood was spotted only about every 20 to 30 yards. Franky took me to the edge of a swollen creek to deep for us to cross, and we found blood where I assumed the buck stood before crossing. We stood at the edge of the water where I took off the leash and gave Franky a fetch command. He swam across went to the east about 10 yards, restarted himself and went to the north about the same distance, came back and restarted himself again -- this time with his nose glued to the ground heading west. Franky was gone for about minute, and I heard a bark. I told my friend Jon he found the buck. We headed to where Jon knew of a bridge to cross and found the buck about another 100 yards from where Franky crossed the creek and right where he had tracked him and barked. The deer weighed 209 lbs and rough scored 153 inches with a 19 1/2 inch inside spread. This was by far the most exciting track I have ever went on.

Dave Swanson
Eau Claire, Wisconsin