No Water! I said "FETCH!" and Spider Bull Elk?

 Yesterdays FF session brought to me a little surprise. Hessian hit a wall in the Force To Pile.
I had gone to an area with alot of grass and space. I grabbed my bumper bag and walked out, stopped and threw all of my 11 bumpers i have,returned to the truck, poured water in a bowl and left it behind my truck. I then let Hessian out for a quick run/search keeping him steered away from my pile. I let him water up and then it was time to begin my 11 bumper 2x Force to Pile.
 Lined him up with the blind pile he hadn't seen that was about 65 yds ahead of us, and commanded "fetch". Zoom! "Woof" Off he goes with desire and speed! 11 times! One right after the other. I kept him in line on every return showing him to come sit right in front of me,perfect every time. On each give i would give the bumper a little toss behind me and send him on the next one. All 11 done. So we walk to the other end where the pile just was. Understand it is about 8 pm I am still in the city so it is a bit warm still. I began sending him out on the second pile of 11 bumpers. I can see signs of slowing, not as much drive, heavy panting, sluggish run, ears back a little and a sloppy pick up and slow return by the 5th bumper. We worked through it, kept fetching. Then on the 8th bumper on his way out, kinda trotting he decides to take a detour! Remember that water bowl? He did! Off he goes right for the water bowl, i push the button to give him stimuli with no response and he's almost to the water bowl so i turn it up a bit and just as he reaches the bowl i juice him and command "FETCH!!" He stops looks around and heads for the remaining pile. Sluggish return although holding well, even panting i can't knock the bumper out of his mouth. Almost laid down on the way back. This is good. You want to push that dog past all other hurdles. so what if your tired, hot, thirsty and this isn't fun anymore. I said FETCH! So FETCH! We continued onto the last 3 bumpers and the drive and focus was back, great return in front of me, ears up, tail wagging. The last bumper i made him hold and heel back to the truck. After a "give" his reward was water and some "good boys". Kenneled up, Session over.
I think we really made some progress on this one. I think he is really understanding fetch. 
My plan is to work on fetch for another 2 1/2 weeks, constant repitition. My wedding will be over then and it will give me 1 month to work on actual HZP test training. Hope it is enough time but that is all i have to work with.
 I want to mention that i had a guy call me the other day, he was frustrated. He had hit some walls with his dog and it seemed the dog was not to into the whole fetch routine. After reading some of my posts about Hessian being pretty much the same way he felt alot better and continued his training. After some repitition he had it down and now the dog will fetch no problem. I hope this helps more first timers too thats the whole reason i started this site. Thanks for sharing the experience and keep me posted as to your progress Nate. Good luck.

  Lastly......... Is this for real!? This is suppose to be in Utah somewhere, Unbelievable Rack!

Newly Improved Hunting Property

One of my frequently traveled hunting properties is growing! Cedar Valley Rooster Ranch has combined forces with Holdaways to become Wasatch Wings and Clay. More acreage, new prices and rates, and new facilities and amenities. They are only 45 minutes from the south end of the valley west of Lehi. Can not wait to get out there this season and "get er done". I have not met any of the new crew but i do know that Marion and Tiffany are always a pleasure to do business with and are always more than helpful. Good Luck with the new improved area. I'll be booking my hunt soon.

Force Fetch At Lee Kay But For How Long?

 Met up with my usual training pal Zac out at Lee Kay. I planned on working some FF training in a new area. Means new smells, new ground to cover and heavy distraction. Just what I am looking for at my stage of training now. It was a bit on the warm side today so we took it a little easy with running the dogs first, some swimming, some discipline followed with "good boys" praise and kenneled up so we can work on them one at a time. This is a new method I've been trying. Exercise, Discipline, Affection in this order, really seems to awaken the dog to what is happening.
 I am currently working on blind retrieves with bumpers and was able to introduce gunshots before the retrieve which is a new step we had never done before. Hessian has always gotten really excited when shots go off so this will take a bit of work to steady him so he doesn't just take off after the shot, I need him to stay until I command "Fetch". For the first time I think it went well.
 I was able to send him on retrieves of four bumpers i had tossed out without him seeing, using a crosswind i would set him up, command "fetch" and off he went right past the bumper, a little search out ahead and coming back in a bit winded it and headed right in fetched it up and returned to me. Need to work the manner of retrieve a bit i think because he doesn't do it the same every time. Sometimes he will sit in front of me and sometimes its the side but at least he is retrieving and searching on blinds till he finds it and does not return empty mouthed.
 I also did some water work for the first time officially in a big body of water. No problem! The drive just takes over no matter how far, how difficult or how tired he is. I say "fetch" and he is gone, in the water with no hesitation just dives in and heads for his prize! Great return, upon exiting the water shakes while holding and after dropping once and getting corrected now waits until i have taken the bumper to shake off. Awesome! Of course this still needs more work but repetition is the key and i think he will get it just fine.
 Did a drag with a thawed rabbit that made me very happy. I started him on the track and off he went sniffed it out and found the rabbit. This also was the first real drag with game in this phase of FF training so there are things to learn..... for example upon finding the rabbit he just stood there and stared at it until i commanded "fetch". So on the next one when he is released on the track i am going to command fetch so he understands he is not just supposed to find it but bring it to me as well. Was also able to work on a blind retrieve with a thawed chukar which worked out good. After being told to fetch took off on about a 5 minute search and upon winding the bird found it and retrieved to hand. I think we are right on track and next step i think will be working with game more and more. Got to get some ducks and some rabbits so i can get to work on this. Any one got some they want to give up please let me know.
  We were able to let the dogs run around together searching over vast areas and hanging out once again. Good to have my training partner back with his dog who seems to be doing quite well with his newly dominating master. The handler seems to be doing alot better too, paying attention to all those little details of obedience and emphasizing his calm assertive dominance over the dog. Keep up the good work I think you will get it all worked out if you can keep all your fingers! Good to have ya back training wasn't the same without someone to share the exciting experiences with.
  As for the second part of this post I want to address something that has recently been brought to my attention.  Apparently the DWR wants to do some work to the ponds at Lee Kay. Making it into a fish hatchery for warm water species. this is a little concerning to me because aren't most hatcheries off limits to just the public? I mean ya we can go to hatcheries but how are they going to feel about dogs swimming in the hatchery ponds? There is also talk about making it a public fishery? I don't know, won't this increase trash and what about bait and hooks and line left behind for our dogs to get into. This really got my attention because it seems like they just want to take another training place away from us. I would hate to see this happening.
 Supposedly there is a meeting being held July 30 at Lee Kay Office 6 pm. Anyone who can attend to help discuss the concerns of us dog owners would be helpful. Voice your opinion!
Although the attached article seems to read like they have already decided I think we might have some say if there is a good turn out.
Click here to read article.... Lee Kay Hatchery


 This meeting was held on July 18th at a nice little camping spot in Logan Canyon. The Pre Test Evaluation was held on July 19th in Mendon at the same place the HZP tests have taken place.
  I met up with my training buddy Zac, packed up the ugly dog and headed out to Logan. Anxious to get there and see what my first Chapter meeting was going to be like, to learn even more about the breed and just sit around and talk dogs with everyone else.
 As we arrived in Logan Canyon I realized more time needed to be spent out there it has been a long time since i've been there and it really is a spectacular area. We arrived a little before the meeting and were able to just chat with all the regulars. A fairly good showing with the Vernal Crew, the Northern Crew, Idaho, Arizona, California and I suppose Zac and I would be the S.L. Valley guys. So excited to see everyone and once again join in the camaraderie that these dogs bring our way.
 It was a nice little camp spot with open area and the river that ran by. Pretty Cool. Talked about ways to help raise money for the chapter, fund raisers and finally some talk about stickers, hats, shirts and sweatshirts which I personally can not wait for, I am always all about the swag and representing my addiction and affiliation with these dogs.
 Discussed was the 2009 Armbruster in Cheyenne and 2010 Armbruster in Boise, in which from my understanding our chapter would host! So exciting! Also discussed was getting some people in charge of scheduling training days. Something I am really excited about, I have always wanted to do some training days with other DD owners.
 Other things discussed were, maybe a Snake Awareness Seminar, changing up our current officials, percentages of Braun to Shwarz litters, percentage of Performance Bred Litters and breeders roles in new pup owners lives.
 Next day was the evaluation of dogs for the Armbruster/Hegewald tests. This is just where they evaluate the dogs for gun sensitivity in water and that the dog will freely enter the water and search. All in all it seemed to go well although we showed up towards the end we were able to see one dog run through it. After that it was once again a chat fest, talking to breeders, trainers, handlers and soon to be handlers like Jim B. Good to see ya there Jim, maybe next time I see you, you will have your DD! Thanks again everyone for the info, experience and plain old hanging out. See you guys soon! Expect me spectating the VGP and handling Hessian in the HZP. Good luck to all.

Fetch Video Finally!

Finally figured out how to post this video. Now keep in mind this is my first video and first time training Force Fetch. All in all I think it is going very well. I am farther along than this now and will post pics or a video soon of our progress now that i know how.

A few things to note about this video is: No stimuli from the e collar was used until he dropped the duck.

Not sure what the barking is about on Hessians take off. I do kinda like it though.

I catch myself repeating commands sometimes.

And I notice Hessian passes the object first and then retrieves.

Any comments or opinions or advice are truly welcome, so please say anything remember i am trying to learn from all this and trying to help anyone else i can.

Will return soon with more....

Walking Fetch/ No Fetch

I tried really hard to get the video to work but i just  can't figure it out. Sorry everyone.
 In the meantime I have been working hard on trying to continue the training so I can finally go do some field work. At least i can proudly say that I am out of the backyard for good. I need to do the rest of my training in alot larger scale now. Hessian is great at fetching anything i put out there, problem is it just isn't far enough. Did some training at the park last night and that is really where the retrieves only as far as i could toss the bumper showed its ugliness. We did work through it quite smoothly though. 
 I had made him sit and wait as i walked ahead of him about 50 yards and then tossed the bumper from that spot, returned to Hessian and released him with a "fetch", he took off in the direction of the bumper but about 50 yards out he started looking for it, upon not finding it gave up and returned to me. Not good. I shouted "Bad Dog!!", Hessian hits the ground into a Platz I give him stimuli with the e collar, grab his collar told him again "fetch" and took him towards the bumper, as we approached the bumper and he saw it I let him go and he was on it. Fetched it up, stimuli off and a great presentation. Good Dog! So on the next one same thing  he returned to me with no bumper I shouted Bad Dog again, stimulation with e collar and cast him in the direction with "Fetch" and to my surprise off he went all the way out, found it and returned proudly with it. We worked on it a little more but he knew the deal and did great on every retrieve.
 I have also been working on Walking Fetch and No Fetch for the past couple days and that has gone very well. He can walk and fetch up every bumper on my command and still not even sniff it when i haven't. He has gotten real good at this even after only a few short sessions.
 I need to work on the long distance fetches and move on to some Force to Pile next. I will try to get with someone this weekend and see if i can get some video or even pics posted up for a visual.
 I appreciate everyone that has requested stickers and left comments. Thanks for checking out the site for updates and such. Thanks to all that have sent pics in for the slideshow. Hope training is going well for everyone. Good Luck

Fetch Progression

It has been about two weeks now and Fetch is moving right along. We have gotten to the point where this is fun now. No longer is he returning with the object head down, ears back, reluctant to hold. No longer have to constantly urge him right back to me. Hessian is officially waiting for my command and going to the object, fetching the object, holding it, returning to me promptly and sitting in front of me to present! The fetches are getting farther and farther, and we are moving to different areas daily now working with new areas and more distractions. I am currently using different objects...bumpers, bumpers with feathers and fur, thick wood stick, metal pipe, dumbbell, fox tail, frozen and thawed ducks, chuckars, pheasants and rabbits. Went for a hike up Millcreek a couple days ago and was able to work on fetch in a natural environment with birds flying around chirping, creek running and other dogs and people ever so often walking past. I worked on different bumpers and the fox tail.Was able to have him do a few fetches that crossed the creek, a few that crossed a fallen tree and with the cover he actually had to look for it instead of being able to see it and upon finding fetched up and returned promptly and proud. I went to the park last night and made a great 10 minute video that shows exactly where we are at from Hold to Fetch from hand, Fetch from ground, Fetch from farther and return promptly, and waiting until commanded to fetch far away object. i am having a problem getting the video off my camera and on to my computer. Hopefully i can get that up soon.
 I will continue what i have worked on so far and focus on the next steps which I believe will be Fetch/No Fetch and then piles and water work. After that its on to test preparation. Good Luck Trainers, will be more to come soon. Hopefully vids and/or pics.