Force Fetch

The fun has begun! Force Fetch or Trained Retrieve has started in these neck of the woods. The table is built, the dogs have been up on the table a few times, the dogs and the handlers feel comfortable, everyone is relaxed and ready to go.

These handlers are all pretty well as new to this aspect of training as the their dogs are. These are first time photos and the video is pretty raw, pieced together the best I could.

I hope everyone is able to see this video because it shows a little of what can go down, how the dog can and will fight this training, and how the handler needs to remain calm in order to progress forward. They are all learning about the gloved hand, and learning the command to release. This is a very important first step and should be done carefully and methodically. Before moving on from this stage the dog should be accepting the gloved hand with no problem, not chewing or mouthing and staying still for at least 1 minute during a 4-5 time session. This really shouldn't last more than 10 minutes at this phase. If the dog is still giving you problems with any of this keep working at it until you get to the part I just explained. Only then would it be safe to go forward and on to HOLD.

Good Luck to all. Stay Calm. Be patient. In no time you will be back out in the field tossing bumpers and saying Fetch!

Video may take a bit. Having some upload issues. Stay tuned.

Training Table Construction Zone

Time to start working on Fetch. With the VJP behind us and the HZP only 5 months away for some it is time to get the Training Table built or pull it out of storage.
The only table around here was small and didn't have all the needed gadgets so we opted to build a new one. Pretty simple, could be done for around 100 bucks. Just need some 2x4's, a sheet of plywood, posts (wood or metal), cable to run the length of the table, a few snap closures, an extra collar and a foot hobbles made from 2 sided velcro. Some basic tools, saw, drill, tape measure and in some cases a Rat Tail File : ).
The one we built is 16 feet long with heavy duty uprights and cable. About 2 1/2 feet off the ground. Once the table is all built it is a good idea to get the dog up on it and walk them up and down the table while praising them and making them feel comfortable.
Once they feel comfortable you have done well, make sure you start off every session with making the dog feel comfortable. You can begin to place the dog's head through the collar on the post and affix the foot hobbles. The dog will most likely freak out but who wouldn't. Once the dog calms praise it and remove it from the table. Doing this a few times before you actually dig in to the training will help immensely. Now the dog should feel good about the table, and you know how the stationary collar and foot hobbles work.
At this point you can begin the training, showing the dog what "out, give,hand etc means with a gloved hand.Remember to stay calm.
Good luck and coming next, 3 dogs first time learning "out".

VJP 2009 DOH!!!

Spring testing time is here and Last weekend was the VJP test. The first of three tests that test our patience and our dogs. We have been trying to prepare the pups as well as ourselves for this excursion but we were ill prepared.
Lola and Jager decided that they didn't really feel like tracking that day and Lola is somewhat of a bunny hater i guess. Could have been due to the few rabbits there were and some of them were those pesky Fast Black Rabbits that either leave no scent trail or are just to dang fast to tell which way they really ran!
We had hard time training for the Rabbit track as well due to low populations, and just didn't concentrate on it to much. Suppose we should have tried a little harder and used a few more hot dogs. Who knew.
Everything else was well, search and pointing was there. Cooperation was there. That was a big concern on Lola's end and she did great there. Jager pointed great, even pointed a runner which he eventually broke on gave chase through a barbed wire fence and caught the bird! Don't know how he couldn't have!
Sunday we sat back to watch Nik run his test, which went real good, qualified for Armbruster! Good job and Congrats Ron.
All in all it was a beautiful weekend, great weather, good friends and a little marinating went on with the "Harlem Crew". Thanks for the fun guys. Now we can move on to Force Fetch and prep work for the HZP. Congrats go out to the 20 dogs that also qualified for the Armbruster. Hopefully i see you there. Great Job
I myself am in serious thought about running the VGP this year so i need to get some work done.
Grab the double and some poppers it's going to be a long summer.!!!!
More pics to come.......

Izzy's Stay at Drahthaar Addiction

The Drahthaar Addiction Kennels are back in action with a new guest! We are currently boarding Izzy vom Wasatch ( not positive on given name). Her owner Jonathon has left her with us for a week. She is a young pup and a pleasure to work with. Its almost like having a new pup once a month. We have been working on the little important things. Basic Obedience, Searching, Intro to Birds, Intro to Fur, Intro to Water, Gunfire, and making her understand her role in a people pack.
She is a quick learner and has tons of drive! Heck of a nose too! I think Hessian has had just as much fun as we have with her. They enjoy running around chasing each other, wrestling and retrieving. I am Amazed to see her so happy and receptive to carrying a bunny around. it has been tons of fun. we still have 2 days left before she goes home and still have some good exercise planned ahead. Thanks Jonathon for giving me a chance and leaving Izzy with us. It has beem a great experience. Enjoy the pics everyone!

Guns, Ammo, and more Guns

Like to browse gun forums, or buy guns online?
I just added a Link List, Gun Shopping and Forums to the sidebar. Check em out, they are awesome if you have a Gun problem!
Happy Shopping!!!!

Playing around on Utah Lake

Went out to play with Fellow Addicts Mac and Zac on Utah Lake lastnight. Mac just got him a nice duck boat and wanted to try it out. We went real good for having three big guys and 3 furry dogs. Seemed to handle all of us no problem.
We stopped in a few different spots and let the dogs swim and chase bumpers. I was amazed at how well all the dogs handled the situation with having never been on a boat before except Jager.
The weather was excellent, water was glassy, all in all a great ride!
Thanks Mac it was fun! Can't wait for duck season now for sure!!!
Enjoy the pics. I forgot my camera so these were taken with my phone so they are not the best quality.
Also check out the Mud Buddy Link i added to the link list on the side. Cool stuff.

Locks of Love

I decided it was time to get a haircut! After 10 + years of long hair i chose to shorten it. Cut off 11 inches!
The pony tail is GONE! I was told we could of used it for a Fox Drag, maybe use it as fur for Force Fetch, or even use it for Snake Avoidance Training. But i decided to do something way more useful and donate it to Locks Of Love. No this is not a new reality show on VH1, Locks of Love is a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children in the United States and Canada under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss from any diagnosis. Figured they need it more. See you all soon, maybe you will still recognize me.

Drahthaar Duck Boat For Sale - SOLD

$2,500 OBO
Duck Boat (Drahthaar slobber INCLUDED)
West Jordan, UT 84088 - Mar 31, 2009
1998 1436J Flat Bottom Duck Boat w/Trailer16 HP Kohler Mud Motor w/ Elec Start and BatterySerious inquiries only please. More pictures upon request.
I know of a Fellow Addict who is selling his Duck Boat, Anyone interested? This ad can be found on classifieds or email me at Or by leaving a comment below.
Buy Buy Buy!!!