A Big Thanks!

We would like to thank Jeremy Nevens for his work on our logo. We love it! Besides being a great artist Jeremy is an avid flyfisherman and has created some cool tee shirts of his own. You can check out his shirts at www.livecurrents.com and his art work at www.jeremynevens.com
I envy this mans talent, he took something very raw and rough and created a work of art! Thanks again Jeremy!

The All Black Crew

Hooked up with Mike Ballard and Chad Jones on Saturday for a little training. Pretty fun time. Mike had alot of advice for Zac and I and really gave Zac some insight on training / teaching a dog what you want it to do. We have started noticing Lola is a little softer than most so they took a different approach to the Force Fetch training. Seems she was just getting confused but with a little helping hand from Mike and a pretty cool technique she was Fetching away with some enthusiasm.
Zac has been working with her in a familiar area now trying to fool proof her first then we will move on to distractions. Thanks Mike
Talking with Mike and Chad was a good time. Really dig the chain gang, that will be my next project.
Keep up all the training guys, enjoy the new pup Mike. See ya soon.
In the meantime, enjoy these pics of the ALL BLACK CREW.....black roan (schwarzschimmel).
I'm sure the Germans would be freaking out!!! Good Stuff!!
Also added a few more of Mikes Pup Auz vom Barenwild from Doxey's first litter. Bad A!

New Dog Box

Oh boy! Got a new toy! The addiction has grabbed me again! For those of you that know me well enough probably know about my headaches with crates and Hessian. See crates don’t hold that dog when he sees me walking away with a bag of birds, dead fur or even another dog. He has always wanted part of the action! Last time he busted out while we were out laying a bloodtrack, I got on him pretty hard for that one and he hasn’t done it since but it has always been on the back of my mind, so I have been looking around for a metal truck box. Come to find out, someone heard my cries and posted a Owens Hunter Series Two Dog Box for sale on Utah Bird Dogs forum. Luckily Zac spotted it for me and let me know right away! We looked into it, really liked the price, so I headed on out to Payson, Ut Tuesday and picked up Hessians new home on the road! Awesome! I couldn’t be more excited! Got home and after dinner got to work to build a shelf to set it on. Storage below and dogs above. 2 dog box????? I need another dog now! UH OH!!!!!!!

Thanks again Zac...Good Looking Out!!

New Logo

FINALLY!!!!!!! A Logo!!!
Been working with ideas for a while and now it is done. Still have one being worked on but this is going to be one of the logos for clothing and maybe a new sticker!
Get ready to represent your Addiction with new clothes! Shouldn't be too long now.
I added this to the header of the website. I also have a couple posts coming just waiting on some pics. Been working on Whoa and Steadiness with Hess. Still rocking the bloodtrack. Last one was 7 hours old and he did perfect. Also FF is coming along nicely for everyone in these neck of the woods. Been meeting up with Fellow Addicts and getting some good advice. Thanks Shane, Thanks Mike,......Wheres the pics Zac?
I have a few from the phone.
First 2....Auz vom Barenwald
next is.. Eik vom Felsengebirge
next is... Doc (Helmut) Vom Wasatch
Last 2.....Elroy Von Der Salzmarsch

Hello New Blogger

Got an email from James, looks like the addiction is spreading again. Could be worse than the swine flu except i don't think it kills. Good work James. I added this link to My Blog List.

Training with Breeder Vom Wasatch

Met up with Shane Loveland of Vom Wasatch for some training with Zac and Ron. Two guys that have a Wasatch pup each. Everyone is currently working on Force Fetch at this moment so we decided to get together for a little lesson. Shane had five of his dogs with him. Diva, Britt, Fee, Hattie...all Wasatch and Boss vom Wilde. I could be wrong about a name or two...Sorry Shane its hard to get it all right! Any way we did some water work with Shanes dogs and then sat back and watched Lola and Nik do theirs. Shane would give some helpful pointers and they would try it again. Always fascinating to see a dog progress right in front of your own eyes! Always nice to get with the breeders and judges to get opinions and insight into everything we work so hard at trying to perfect. Great time Shane, thanks alot. You helped us all. We really need to do that some more.
Well i am thinking about possibly going up to Logan Canyon to do some training this weekend. I will post an update of our training after that.

Bloodtrack Training in the Snow? Why Not?!

This was an interesting Sunday in the mountains this training session. I and helper Biz headed out once again to the Uintahs to get some training done. We had intentions of working with Hessian and getting some fishing done. We put down a 430-meter blood track during a light snow. As we progressed along our track we came across a lot of snow and runoff. That didn’t stop us as we progressed along, dropping blood along the way. In the snow, on rocks, on logs, and even placed droplets in the sections of runoff we walked through. I am new to all this but it seemed like this was going to be hard track. The snow on the ground in places and the snow falling had to surely hamper Hessians ability to find the end of this track. Done laying the track we decided to hit the lake and wet a line. Did some “Down” and “Platz” by the lake as we were fishing. It was about 40 degrees maybe and still snowing. Matter of fact the snow never quit. He would whine a little and get in trouble and after a while just gave up on the whining all together. We caught a few little fish, Hessian got to hold and play with one and it was cold. It had been 4 hours since we finished laying the blood track. Headed back to the truck to warm up, dry off and build our stamina for what I was expecting a long track. It has now been 4 ½ hours the blood trail has been down. It is wet and been snowing all day. Not really sticking to the ground but has definitely moistened the ground and our blood track significantly. Never the less this has got to be done. At the start of the track I was able to see some blood so I started him on that. Along we went, I didn’t see much blood along the way and the few drops I did spot were really hard to find. Seemed like Hess lost focus a few times, not sure what happened there. I started him on the track a few times where he lost it, and he would focus a little longer. He really seemed to look hard when he lost the scent, trying to find it again. And I would praise him once he did. We eventually reached the end, this one was hard. Not sure if it was the conditions but pretty sure they had something to do with it. Also as we were on our way back to the truck I let Hess search the timbers as we walked the road, and suddenly Hessian starts barking like crazy! Well as I have learned through training and hunting him, Hess is loud on sight with just about anything. Ducks and especially Rabbits. Sure enough we could see it running away.A Snowshoe hare! After Hess lost sight of it he had to come tell us. Good Boy! Worked on “Heel” back to the truck and called it a day. Again pics are from my phone, but I had to put some up with this post. It’s just not the same without a picture or two. If anyone has comments or tips, advice please go right ahead.

New Blogger

Just got an email. Dave Chapman started a blog too. I added it to My Blog List. Check it out. Thanks Dave hankvomeisbarteich.blogspot.com

Truly Addicted!!

Went and did some training in the woods on Sunday. Me and partner biz worked on all forest aspects of training. We did searching and obedience. On the down-stay and drive hunt Hess still whines a little bit. Not sure how much he can if at all during the test. If anyone has any insight or tips please advise. What I was impressed with most was the fox drag and bloodtracking. I had Biz drag a fox through the thick timber for a ¼ mile, let it sit for about 20 minutes and then put Hess on the track and off he went. After a few minutes of silence I heard something coming through the trees, it was Hess fox and all. It is a 13 lb fox so I was impressed that he brought it that far. Barely able to hold is head up he brought it back over a long distance. Awesome. Time for the blood track and it is starting to rain. By the time we were done with the blood track it became a torrential downpour! Started well on track with me and Biz right behind. Hess is starting to slow down a lot more, focusing on the track well. We got off track a couple times but no more than 30 feet or so each time. I could not believe how well he was tracking with the rain coming down so hard. Finally we reached the end of our ¼ mile blood track in the rain. Even though I was soaking wet I could care less after such an awesome performance. Really glad I got into this breed. Everything I see from them impresses me more. Especially when I see it in my own dog. Hope all is going well for others, and any tips you might have on the whining please feel free to comment. Again the pics are from my phone and Biz’s camera so they are the best I could get