Bringin some old VJP/ Newbie Posts

The Drahthaar Addiction is spreading through the Salt Lake Valley! There are currently 4 new pup owners locally. Maybe more these are the ones i know of. With this in mind i wanted to bring up links to some helpful postson training for the VJP and links to websites about training for the VJP. From planting birds to track training thought this might help some of the newcomers to the breed get aquainted a little easier. Good Luck. Have Fun!

Articles on Training and Testing the VJP

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Breed Show 10\11

Finally the Breed Show is over and walked out with a 10\11! Overall it went pretty well. It was a nice day in Farr West at a nice facility supplied by Steve Field. Thanks Again Steve. Alot of open area inside to parade the dogs around, and outside was a long open area to run the dogs.
I had thought that i had done enough practice but that was beside the point. I still was not prepared and neither was Hessian. He gave the judges a run for their money while trying to check his teeth. Practice this religiously, it almost hurt the score because they couldn't get a real good look at his bite.
Did good during the part where they check his coat, height and length. Also did fairly well while being trotted around for the judges. He acted a bit nervous not so proud, head not held so high when inside. I could of done a better job handling him as well, we didn't have good rhythm together and i had to practically jog to get him at a pace the judges needed to see. But once we stepped outside he was a completely different dog. I felt his energy change completely. He was happy and proud to strut his stuff for the judges outside. Even sat real noble like for pictures.
All in all everything went well, it was nice to see some good looking ugly dogs and there owners.
Look forward to seeing you all again at Testing or Training. Next is the VGP and maybe someone will see something in Hessian that they want in a stud. See you all soon.
( Pics By Zac)