VGP,HZP,Drahts and Brats

It has been quite the eventful couple of weeks preparing for the VGP. Apparently not eventful enough, as I took on preparing another dog and running in an HZP as well. I have been working with Jager vom Wasatch very little as I prepare for the VGP.
He is quite the little ball of fire! Young and full of energy. I remember Hessian at that age being just as wild and crazy.
I am excited to see how Jager will do at the HZP, with not near the amount of attention to detail as most of the dogs that run the test. Figured why not, do it to give myself the experience of running another HZP and experience working with another dog. It has been exciting and only a few short weeks to go!
With that I spent a day out with two others prepping for the HZP doing water work and field work and getting Hessian in on the action as well seeing how he does it all again in the VGP. That day was also the 1st Annual Drahthaar Addiction Draht’s and Brat’s training day. We all did some water work and some pointing. Moved on to grilling up some tasty brat’s and kicked back for a tasty lunch. We ended up our day with some drag work and called it good. It is funny how you can simply over train yourself and I think your dog too. We all have been working so hard to prove to ourselves that we can get it all done, but in the end always have something we should have worked on little more. It definitely is a chore training but worth it in the end. Imagine a year and a half old dog, retrieving all your small game! Swimming out for waterfowl, or tracking down a wounded rabbit or such to retrieve. Pointing out pheasants, chukars etc. and retrieving those to hand as well.
Even better, we all want to hunt ethically and have to admit searching the reeds or thick brush for that wounded bird to be disappointed upon not finding it. Not any more and with a young dog! Oh what can be done with even more training? I am in the process of finding that one out as I prepare for the VGP in the ultimate test of the finished dog.
I don’t think that Hessian is at all finished or broke to the point he should be for this test but I’m all in now. I feel good about the water work in all. Retrieving is not as methodical as I would like. The presentation isn’t superb but he gets it done. Searching water field and forest is great. Lots of energy and drive. Obedience is coming along good. Heeling is better. Drive hunt and down stay is a lot better too. Blood tracking was coming along nice until a few weeks ago. I didn’t trust my dog and took him off track when he was just working hard to find it. I have a done a couple since and we are clicking better but I can’t slow him down much more. I hope it’s not too fast for the judges. Been working real hard on the steadiness and that is coming along well so far. Seems we are pointing nice and steady to flush. Steady to shot so far but only worked on very few birds need more practice for sure. It all comes down to training and I think maybe I have over trained in a way. I think Hessian is getting bored with all of it and ready to move on. Suddenly he is doing weird things during training that I just can’t explain. All I can think is that the training is getting old and not as fun as it used to be. I know I am sure ready to take a breather and do some hunting. I am getting one hunt in this week. I think I can use this as an opportunity to focus on some steadiness; blind retrieves of fresh shot bird and even down stay and such too. Maybe I can find a rabbit or two, as we all need them for training and test day too. I hope all goes well in this last test. It is super hard and I took off all winter and last spring of training and used last fall and winter to build bad habits while hunting. I have had to try to work out the kinks now and it has not been easy. It will all be worth it in the end though. Either way I have one hell of a hunting dog, and I can be proud of that!
Proud to see Hessian’s photo and info up on the stud registry! If all goes well with the VGP test and we make it through without too many issues, he may get his call this winter. I could do with another pup. I would sure do things differently. I have learned a lot about this breed and what it takes to get a dog prepared to the standards it has acquired. Just a couple weeks guys and our tests are done this year! Hope all is going well for everyone training and getting ready for hunt season. Thanks to everyone that has helped in my training, I appreciate all the tips and physical labor involved. It is hard work and we are all exhausted and ready I hope. Good luck everyone!
Next post should be all VGP info unless I can toss one in before test day.
Still working on shirts everyone hopefully before Armbruster we can be sporting our addiction.


I just have one more test. The VGP to pass, and it is on! I am looking forward to working with a new pup of my own. There are alot of things i would do differently now. Matt Norman from Vom Coldwater Canyon likes what he sees in Hessian so we are planning on this match up to have pups on the ground in February!

If interested in a puppy from this litter, just follow the link to his website for more information.
His site is still currently under construction but you should have no problem getting in touch with him.
vom Coldwater Canyon Drahthaars

"A" vom Coldwater Canyon

Bryndis vom Uintah
DOB 24.07.2007
Color Brsch
Zuchtbuch-Nr.: 204775
Form / Hair 10/8
Height / Length H-61 L-61
VJP 62 pts 20 Apr 2008
HZP 159 pts 27 Sept 2008
VGP 12 Sept 2009
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Expected February 2010


Goshen v.d.
Color schwsch
Form/Hair 10/11
Height / Length 65/64
VJP 69 pts 20 Apr 2008
HZP 178 pts 28 Sept 2008
VGP 12 Sept 2009
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