LOLA!!! L-O-L-A - Lola

Pheasant Derby 2008

Headed on out to Wasatch Wings and Clays for the Pheasant Derby and what a blast!
The event started at 8 am and off we went to kill pheasants. The first two areas we tried were empty. No birds to be found. I was started to get really anxious, wondering if Hessian was even hunting for us. With an hour left into the derby we changed spots one more time. Ten minutes into this area and BAM Hessian locked up on a staunch point. Waited for me to approach and flush bird and with a few "Wait"'s from me, Hessian hung tight and waited for the bird to be shot.
Then with a "Fetch" from me off he went on the retrieve. He returns and sits, bird in hand!
We continued our course and found another rooster to our surprise in an area that had been hunted earlier.
They had some great prizes like, memberships, chukar hunts, shotguns, antelope tags, Carhart jackets, hats etc.
All in all was a great time, the guys i went with were able to win some great prizes and get a few birds.
My nephew Biz and i hung out a bit longer and picked us up 4 more birds in an hour, thanks to the help of my hunter Hessian.
One thing for certain, I learned to trust my dog! If he smells no bird then there is no bird. Good Times.

Just Added!!

Just added James Newby and Adeen vom Heuerhaus to the Fellow Addicts Slideshow.

Chukars?? Where Art Thou?

Took a drive out to the desert once again, but instead of training, we went for hunting!
Sure is nice to be able to use all the skills i have been training to real use. This was our first time out really hunting since we passed the HZP. Wish we had gone some where that had birds but of course we got skunked again.
The weather was great, and I took a few family and friends along. It was cool to be hunting behind my hunting buddy Hessian. Next time we will get those damn devil birds. Alot of hiking and beautiful scenery but where o where chukar where art thou?
Got some big plans to do some Preserve hunting this coming weekend. Hopefully that goes better! Enjoy the pics and the Video of Hessian rock climbing, just looking for Chukar like the rest of us!

Say Hello to Lola (Ice) vom Wasatch

So excited for fellow addict and close training buddy Zac, with his new pup Lola Ice vom Wasatch!
Cute little pup and Zac was ready. Starting over with a new pup and a whole new outlook on what it takes to train this breed properly. Pay attention new comers Zac has had some challenging experiences with this breed and has some good advice!
Good Luck with all the new training and i look forward to helping you out on your road to the VJP. Lets get some more pics this is the only one i have. She has been added to the Drahthaar of Ours Slideshow!
Lets Go Hunting!!!!!

HZP is over for me! Passed with a 178!

    Sorry it has been so long but right after i got home from the test I took off for the Elk hunt, but here is a post.
    Tested in my first HZP test September 28th and what an experience! The weather was warm and sunny, alot different than the HZP i watched last year. I was really nervous and not quite sure what to expect from Hessian that day. We were in a new area, sleeping in a motel room and he was going to be spending alot of time in his crate until his turn to test. Not a problem for most dogs except when Hessian's switch goes on its on and it doesn't shut off until we are home for an hour. Regardless everything went very well. 
    Did have a few scary moments,during the Field search/pointing section points were great but on retrieve found a live chukar before the dead one and took off in a chase right through a barbwire fence luckily no damage done. 
    During the rabbit drag, released well,tracked well,found rabbit turned and headed back to me. With me praising from the point i could see him till he was just a few feet away then suddenly he decides to veer right and go hang out in the bush for a few seconds then returns to me and without a sit i rushingly take the rabbit. Passed that though.
     Next during the water work, gun tolerance goes well, but on retrieve he swims in to shore stops in the water at the bank drops it, picks it up and then comes in, no sit and a give.
    On the blind retrieve, crosses over fine, finds duck quickly and then runs up and down the shore on the opposite side trying to figure how to come back, realizing i am where i can not get to him he decides to hide behind a bush, drop and damn near pluck the duck. Something clicked and he decided to swim over to my bank and again stop in the water. As i approach to take the duck he swims away and then quickly reverts and comes upon shore looking a little unsure of my mood with him. "Give". Good dog. Only one more thing to do right... How bad can it be.
     Search Behind the Duck time. I release him to fetch the duck off he goes, swimming away, goes to other side and is sniffing away. Making alot of noise here comes the duck swimming out of cover and heading down the channel, but here comes Hessian a few seconds later can't see the duck but smells it. Follows smell around corner and next thing you know 'arf arf arf ' He found it! He sees it! Barking all the way swimming after the duck, the barking gets farther and farther away til we can not hear or see anything. The judges inform me to try and call him back so i do. No success. Over and over, whistling, calling. Wondering where the hell is my flippin dog! Even the judges are whistling him now. How embarrassing right? They inform me to go take a walk along the bank calling to him and so i do and as i get to the other side. I see people waving me back to them. Hessian has returned. Whew. Over right? No, the judges still need to see a retrieve. So release Hessian into the water and they toss out a duck, he retrieves, comes back to shore, out of the water walks around me, heads back to water then slowly turns my way and sits. I hurry and take the duck. Thinking were done! But scared of not passing cause he didn't listen and would not come back.
      Come to find out it was a good thing, it showed his desire and how he will not stop or give up during a search. So done. Made it through it.
     Next time I will be sure my dog is Force Broke. Got some dings on Manner of Retrieve but still a great score! Passed with 178 Points!
    Want to say thanks to Lynn for walking along with me during my field search and hanging around waiting for me to finish each portion with advice after. It really makes a handler feel good knowing his breeder supports him.
    Also to the Judges Shane, Phil and Bruce, Thank you for an informative and fun experience, I appreciate all of our advice and calming words along the way, letting me know i was still in it and doing fine. It helps to hear those thing in a tense situation.
    And finally thanks to all the other handlers and spectators that were watching and supporting me through my first HZP. It got tense a few times there, nice to see others wishing the best and lending helpful advice. Thanks for the pics and all the crunch time training help Zac. And to my wife Carrie, thanks for all your support and letting me do what i gotta do!
Happy Hunting to all.