VGP 2009 Video

Here is the 2009 edition of the Logan VGP video. I put one together last year and so i figured i would continue the tradition. To all those who were there, here are some memories. Those who weren't there can get an idea of the fun and comraderie. There are some more pictures floating around out there but i never got my copies and i know some of you were anxious for this video, so here ya go.Kick back and enjoy!

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HZP Logan 2009

Last time in Logan for testing this year. Went out to witness and participate in the HZP. The second of the 3 breed tests that we do as members of the VDD to look over the fine quality’s of our dogs. I went out to support a few local guys I have trained with all summer as I prepped Hessian for the VGP. Not to mention root for all other handlers that decided to test their wits, most for the first time. I myself was a second time runner,as I chose to handle Jager(Harley) vom Wasatch. A high drive dog with a lot of power that actually belongs to Mac, but he let me do the testing so he could enjoy his hunts and give me more experience!
I hadn’t spent much time with Jager in training. Only been out with him a few times, worked on some water work a bit, about 3 drags, 5 shot bird retrieves, and maybe 10 birds worth of pointing. Not a lot when it comes to how much time people put into training for the HZP. I think a lot of what Jager had to offer was his extra amount of exposure. Mac is a big hunter and gets out a lot too. I think that Jagers time spent out at the duck club and Utah Lake gave him just the edge he needed for this test. His amount of drive doesn’t hurt either!
It sure makes things a lot easier when there is no pressure to impress anyone, but found myself getting a little nervous never the less. No matter what there is always those things that make you nervous as you work your way to the end. I had a great time running Jager, he surprised the hell out of me and I’m sure a few others! I learned some more as a handler and feel good about it all. I would seriously consider handling Jager in VGP if it is an option,.....Mac? It just goes to show the true natural versatile ability of the Deutsch-Drahthaar. I could really get used to this kind of thing. I enjoy these dogs so much and although the training and testing is such hard work it is sure worth it and makes for one super great hunting companion.
My partners in crime from the valley did well. Zac and Lola (Ice) vom Wasatch pulled it off even with how nerve racked Zac was. Lola did a great job on all aspects of this test. Such a happy high drive dog. Still a lot of puppy, you have come along way Zac. I think you may be really figuring her out. Got one super dog and worked out an awesome score, coming out with a 182! Time to enjoy hunting this fall and when the snow melts we will be at it again to prepare for VGP!
Nik (Hank) vom Wasatch did a good job too. He completed every task he needed to, just had a hiccup on the rabbit drag, which unfortunately is one of the most important tasks in this test. It is the one thing that really gets to some dogs and there handlers. Not sure if Nik ever failed a drag in training but one thing I have realized is..... they need to. The dog most definitely needs to learn it MUST bring the rabbit to the handler. Still had some great scores on all other areas and I have seen Nik and Ron come along away over the last year. Regardless of any outcome they will make one great hunting team.
Glad to hear our new friend and fellow addict Kevin made it through with a 178….Wish we could of stayed to watch Archie do his thing,but imagine it all went well. Nice to meet you Kevin and keep it up. Armbruster just ahead man. See you there!
Congratulations to everyone. It is not an easy test. It takes a lot of work and dedication to even get this far. I commend all of you. Thanks again to all judges for the hard work. I think we should hold a clay shoot for the Chapter though! Some practice is needed by all…no?
Enjoy your dogs and hunting Gentleman! As we will all be returning to the testing circuit next year! Coming next..... Armbruster!!!!

Grouse Hunting and HZP Preparation

Headed out to the Uintahs to chase after some grouse. A well deserved trip for me and Hessian as we just made it through the VGP. Not Prizing, but made it through. Training had been rigorous over the past few months and with the testing over for us this year I decided to get to hunting.After all that is what he is for!
So Biz,Hess and I went to the area we had been doing some forest work training and had actually seen grouse during that time. It is full of downed timber, lots of water and green wet vegetation. Just no grouse! Where o where art thou? It was the opener this weekend so maybe some one got there before we did. Never less it was nice to get out with no pressure from anything.
We hiked 4 miles with no luck but got some pics and watched a storm roll our way from atop mountain...what a site! I just love this area, it is always so gorgeous and full of beauty. Well maybe next trip we can bag some Ruff's or Blue's.
In the meantime I have signed up to run Jager (Harley)vom Wasatch through the HZP in Logan Utah this coming weekend. I am really curious to see how this will go as I have not spent very much time with him to prepare for this test. He is alot of puppy still, wild and full of energy that never dies. Sometimes he loses focus on the task at hand but during training yesterday was very impressive. That is one thing great about this breed, the fact of the natural versatile ability is just fantastic! We put down a rabbit drag for him that went very well. He pointed a pigeon he found hanging out by the trucks. Had an excellent point on a Chukar that was planted for him. Did some blind retrieve work, needs a little more direction here because his search is so big, but either way he finds it and brings it back. Going to finish up with him this week, just need to do a little more and it will be test day.
Lola (Ice) vom Wasatch is really coming along great from what I saw last night. She is getting in some good points, took the drag like a champ! She is really coming together to be one hell of a hunter! Good work Zac! Almost here bro, it will be over soon and you ca breathe and sleep again!
Haven't seen to much of Nik (Hank) vom Wasatch lately but hope all is going well. Test day is right around the corner for all of us! Oh boy just can't get enough! Get ready to hunt boys! Testing is almost over!

VGP 2009

The VGP test is finally over in these neck of the woods. It was 6 months of straight training trying to get Hessian and myself ready for this test. It really is the test of all tests. It includes Forest work,Field work,Water work and Obedience. All inclusive is Bloodtracking,Retrieving Fox over Obstacle,Fox and Rabbit drags including retrieving,Independent Forest Search, Dense cover search w/handler,Independent Water search,Gunshot soundness in water,Blind water retrieve in dense cover,Search for wounded duck,Retrieving of duck,Field Search, Pointing,Manners behind game,Feathered game drag,Search for fresh shot bird,Retrieving of feathered game,General Obedience,Drive hunt obedience,Heeling on and off lead,Down Stay with gunfire,Steadiness to wing and shot. Not to mention the manner of retrieve is judged on all retrieves.

It is no easy task and takes alot of work and dedication to get these dogs to where they need to be. My congratulations go to the 7 of 8 dogs who passed this test in Logan this weekend. Good Job you guys, you really made it! Time to enjoy the hunting season and your dog as you are done with testing. Except for maybe the few that are participating in the Armbruster next month.

Now lets discuss the ONE dog that didn't pass............ Ya unfortunately that is yours truly! I know i know...what happened? We worked really hard to make sure Hessian was prepared for all aspects of the test. In all our training i thought we had it for sure. Hessian scored 257 points but no prize....We were 4 points shy on obedience!

Well obedience got me! Hessian had a sloppy off lead heel, he wanted to heel with the judge in front of me at times as well as catching a scent on the ground and wanting to follow that, zigged when he should of zagged too. He moved a little on the Down Stay and the Drive Hunt once the gunshots went off. He really wanted to go see what everyone was shooting at! These are the things that ruined my chance to Prize and Pass this test.

A few quick tips for everyone....when teaching heel to your dog, do not allow the dog to sniff the ground, keep it's head up and correct any pulling away or sniffing the ground on or off lead. it makes that big of a difference trust me.

Also practice making your dog Down and Stay with you walking away and disappearing. Fire gun shots, yell, make lots of noise. Correct any movement or barking or whining. This too added to my demise.

I feel good that we made it to the end! We completed all tasks. We made it all the way to the end of the test. It was just points that hurt us and stopped us from passing.I will be back next year, you can count on that!

Unfortunately i don't think there is a puppy in my future this spring, as Hessian needed to pass this test for that to happen. All is well as I can concentrate more on Hessian and hunting.

Again Congrats to all handlers and dogs. Great Job guys!

I want to say thank you to all the Judges and test coordinators and directors. The judging groups were great guys. Very helpful and very informative. Never left me wondering on anything. Gave everyone an equal and fair chance to do what needed to be done. Also helped to ease the handlers in what is one stressfull time. Thanks again everyone.

I will be posting more on the VGP. I am working on a Slideshow as soon as i have all the pictures together. So keep watching for that. This post was just much needed as i know everyone wants to know the update!