BloodHause * Viewer Discretion Advised*

Ok, some of the following photos may be a bit too much for some people so, if you don't like gross read on and then close your eyes.
I started my preparation for Bloodtracking work. The first thing i did was read alot, did my research talked to a few people that had done this already and then set my sights on some blood!
This took some looking into. No average grocery butcher would hand over blood. Even the neighborhood specific butcher wasn't having it. I even tried the local game processor, they acted put out and like they had never heard of such a request.
Finally i contacted a local slaughterhouse and they helped me out. It cost 15 dollars but i got a 5 gallon bucket of blood.
The equipment I used was: 3 Five Gal buckets, Cloth Strainer, Empty bottles with lids, Funnel, Spray bottle to put blood in also, Gloves.
Should have gone right home and started straining but i was sidetracked and didn't get to it till a few hours later. Bad move! The blood had turned into one big Jello mold of blood clot. I could cut it with a paint stir stick. I cut chunks out of it. I took a big stick and began to mash and stir the gelatinous mass.
Once it was chunky and more fluid like, I could work with it better. I took my cloth strainer and placed it into another bucket and transferred the chunky clotted mess into the strainer bucket. I then proceeded to push on the mass and squeeze and strain more liquid out. I pulled the strainer out with the gelatin blood in it and had separated liquid now.
I quickly poured the liquid blood into smaller containers that i could freeze and use for my Bloodtracking work.
Quite the experience and quite messy, but actually kind of enjoyable! I did have fun doing it. But all of you who know me well enough could probably have guessed that!

If you are thinking of doing this yourself, do your research, get all the needed supplies, and plan accordingly. Do not wait to transfer and strain like i did.
And if you are having second thoughts, get a hold of me, i would be happy to prepare your blood for you!

Tattoos and Teeth

Wanted to remind everyone of this little detail,with the testing season here. Condition your pup to being handled at a test. The judges want to see the teeth and tattoo of your pup. They need your pup to hold still long enough to get a good look at ALL its teeth and verify the tattoo number with their paperwork. Nothing is worse than to have a pup that won't hold still or is fighting you. Those teeth are sharp and no one wants to get bit.
All you need to do is grab your pup and get low, try to squat down and bring the dog to a sit facing away from you. Grab the muzzle and open the mouth wide. The pup will more than likely fight and squirm, this is where it is your job to take control and make it understand that is unacceptable!
It will take time and time of repetition but most dogs conform quickly. During this time check all teeth are there and that the pup waits for you to check tattoo also. It is a good idea to get friends and family involved on this too. Sometimes a dog that is great for you is a handful to a stranger or judge. Besides, getting your pup used to this now will also help you and the judges out come Breed Show day.
Good luck, see you at a VJP.

Drahthaar Addiction Merchandise

I have been thinking about ordering up some Drahthaar Addiction Swag. I placed a poll at the top to see what Addicts preffered... Caps, Shirts, Hoodies, or Collars and Leashes. I am also in the process of ordering some new stickers. I am trying to include a picture of our bearded friends on the sticker. The shirts, caps or whatever will also include a pic or sketch of a DD.
So let your opinion count, and answer the poll, i will see what are the 2 most popular choices and go from there.Thanks!!

New photos

I just added two new photos to the Drahthaars of Ours Slideshow.....
Introducing Izzy (Jen) vom Wasatch to the crew. Her handler is Jon Dunn of SLC. Oh no another one in the Valley of Salt! Lookout we are going to take this Drahthaar Movement by storm!!
We have hooked up with Jon and Izzy once. Hopefully we will be training together more this year as he has until next spring to test. Welcome Jon and Izzy. Have fun and Good Luck!!!!!

Lola's Visit

Well sound like Lola will be returning home to her Master Zac tonight. As you can tell by my previous post it has been fun having her. Hopefully we get to do it again soon. I know i will miss her as will the wife. And as you can tell by the Lady and the Tramp photo below I think Hessian will miss her too! Did i just call Hessian a tramp?!
Just wanted to share some pics of the visit. Enjoy.
So long Lola, see you on the weekends for training!!!!!

Drahthaar Addiction Kennels Boarding and Training

Fine Dining Area....................................................... Birds for Training

Lola's Daytime Quarters......................................The Kennels

I have been the lucky one to be boarding Lola vom Wasatch for a week or 2. Zac had some things come up to where he would be unable to do anything with her so i volunteered for the duty.
It has been a very interesting yet fun 2 weeks so far. I have been working with her very diligently on all aspects of her training. We have been working on in house and basic obedience like Go To Bed, Down, Platz, Heel, Come, Sit. Many of these same commands also being worked while in the field and under distraction and also reinforcing now with the E collar.
Been doing lots of Field Work, Pointing, Tracking, Searching, and Cooperation / Obedience in the field.
Her point is staunch, tracking is coming along nicely, she is looking to which direction i am walking and changing her search accordingly. She has been a pleasure to work with and really gets me in the mood for a new pup. Seeing the things i did wrong with Hessian and then seeing the progress with Lola really gets me fired up. It makes me wish i did this full time.
With the wife involved we have even got the Grooming area covered, after a long day in the field the dogs get a quick hose off with a little shampoo, rinsed dried and brushed! Amazing.
I know Hessian has had fun with a girl around, bet he will miss her when she is returned home.
Hope Zac will be satisfied with the First Timer Boarding and Training of Drahthaar Addiction Kennels.
Soon to come updates of the training happening in the valley with the crew of guys we got here.
Stay Addicted!!!