Pleasant Day at Pleasant Valley!

Took a trip out to Pleasant Valley Hunting Preserve with a fellow addict. What an amazing experience! I feel like my brain is going to explode with all the information I received. First off this is a fantastic preserve, the layout is great lots of land, huge bird pens, streams and ponds and helpful friendly people. I have not yet had the opportunity to hunt but when the season begins i plan on spending alot of time here. 
 Our purpose for heading out there was to get in on some professional dog training and boy was it worth the trip. Jon and Brian really know there stuff and are ever so helpful and informative in explaining everything in detail, from the how's to the why's and eager to answer all the never ending questions of any newcomer. Being knew to dog training it is extremely valuable to see it done with my own eyes and explained in detail, I really want to do right by the dog and the breed and as a "newbie" this is the way to go. We were able to see the training in action from one of our own dogs to the many others that were being boarded there for training. From running the dogs in multiple groups for a good hard run, bird work, retrieving work, handler/dog evaluation to basic obedience work. These guys are methodical and almost ritualistic in the way they train and you can really see the connection in Jon and Brian as they practically can read each others minds. Anyone can feel completely secure that your dog is in great hands if left here. If you are having questions in handling or training look up Jon and Brian you will not regret it.
 Thanks Guys for the advice, the opinions, the great lunch, the hands on expertise, tour of the preserves and lakes,and most of all the experience.

Force Fetch

Force Fetch has begun, I thought it would be a bit rougher but so far so good! I have read up on the subject pretty well and have watched a few dvd's and even saw it done for a minute. So the training hat is on, I am remaining calm and Hessian seems willing to learn and surely wise enough to catch on fast. More info and pics to come.
 Force Fetch officially started on May 1st, I started with physically placing the bumper which is a paint roller to start in Hessians mouth all went well without a struggle he accepted the roller.
 I have been doing multiple 10 to 15 minute sessions throughout the day, I think we are both catching on fast. After he was holding the roller well i began the fetch work. I am not using a table only because i did not want to regress when we went to the ground. We worked our way into the ear pinch and commanding "fetch" right in front of his face with the roller and a bumper. All went fairly well, we had our struggles but once he figured out how to stop the ear pinch by grabbing the bumper i knew we were on our way!
 I worked our way up to fetching the bumper from about 6 feet me still holding in the air, but having to tell Hessian to "wait", because he started lunging at the bumper before commanded to fetch kind of a self reward. So he would wait and fetch when told to. At this time it has been about 8 days and he is holding it well and long, i can smack the bumper, grab and shake the bumper walk away and around him and he will hold until told to "give". We are even walking around a bit. Think it is going well.
 It has been 2 weeks to the day since i started this adventure and Hessian is Fetching from the ground! Up to 8 feet away now, he will fetch either the bumper or the roller that I set out for him and with huge desire! He really wants that bumper! I still have to remind him to "wait" sometimes but that drive is insane. He is holding great we are walking more with it, he carries it proud, and for a long time. We started with the ecollar method a few days ago and what a relief that is going better, we had a few struggles but we have worked that out and are on our way I think. 
 I have been trying t do it in different areas too so he doesn't get used to doing it all in one place. These are some pics i took in a field we frequent just to show him holding and me taking and the beginning of the ground work. Hopefully i will have some more pics and possibly video this weekend.