The Jaeger Lead

  The Jaeger lead is a German style 4 in 1 or the new 6 in 1 lead for the versatile dog handler. The most basic uses of these leads are: The long lead used for obedience and walking, an over the shoulder hands free lead, an around the waist hands free lead, a short lead, a heeling lead and a tie out lead. Not all Jaeger type leads are the same, they come in a variety of styles like the common leather model to the new nylon style with a few more options. When first getting mine i was a bit confused on all the different ways it could be used so after talking to a few others that had question too i decided to get the low down on these leads and try to compose a little instructional video on how they work. Keep in mind the only one shown in this video is the nylon kind and all Jaeger leads will not have these options, but it should be helpful to the curious wanderer. Click on the video below for a demonstration.   

Fish On!!!

Time for the annual Villa Fish Derby at Flaming Gorge!! May 19th -20th.Break out the boat, downriggers and tackle an prepare for one of the most exciting fishing experiences ever known to man. You can troll, drift, jig,spin, or fly fish your way to the top. All species of game fish count, you just have to bring in the biggest. Prizes are awarded and include but not limited to ATV's, fishing tackle, boats and float tubes. Spring is near and fishing has just gotten started. Gentleman start your motors, and go fish. Good Luck Fishers.

Jordan River Trail Fun.

Went out for a little walk on the Jordan River trail system today, a little spot i like to go just off 7th west and Sandy Parkway. Didn't really have training in mind except the basic obedience commands but Hessian decided he was gonna show me what he's made of. Turned out to be a very productive walk after all. He got to play around in the water,harass the ducks and geese that hang out here, chase leaves and tweeters and well to my surprise point staunchly on some doves that were out too! I was just wondering to myself if his nose worked because he was just running around acting crazy busting and chasing birds when all of a sudden BAM he locked up in his tracks. In a massive panic i hurried with the camera to get some pics, luckily he held all point long enough for me to snap some photos and still get to him, praise him and flush the bird. On one point he must have locked up 100 yards or so away and stayed still till i could reach him. All this work is finally paying off! Bring on our first test we are ready!

Pointing Drills

Pointing= To indicate the presence or place of game by point. When a dog goes on point it will usually lock up tight to indicate to the handler that game is present. In our world of drahthaar it is the handlers job to flush the game so the hunters or self can  shoot and then dog is sent to retrieve game. In the VJP test pointing is one of the areas the dog is judged on so we like to work on this alot especially myself because this is what i will be using Hessian for most.
 To train or condition the dog to pointing the best thing to do is get the young pup accustomed to field searching and using its nose preferably where wild game is present. Sometimes this is not as easy as it sounds so we are reduced to planting birds. This is where extreme caution comes into play. Never plant birds free (without devices to keep dog from getting bird) unless you are sure that either bird will flush before dog gets to close or handler is close to and in control of dog via checkcord or something. It really slows things down if your pup catches birds, This i learned the hard way. So these are the two most common ways we train.
 First is a Bird Launcher or pop box. These come in both manual and remote versions the latter being the most expensive from 2 to 4 hundred dollars, but well worth the investment.Locate where the launcher is to be placed, do not walk straight in to the spot instead walk in from a side and after placing launcher walk out the same way and try to work dog into launcher staying away from your path in, we do not want the dog to cheat and follow your scent trail to the bird. We place the launcher near or in moderate cover so the dog cannot see it, we want the dog to use its nose not it eyes. We mark the area with colored ribbon or tape so we can work the dog into the launcher. Once the launcher is in place we put a bird into it, close it up and walk away the same way we walked in. Continue to place launchers in this same manner. Once all launchers are in place it is time to get the dog and work him slowly into the area where the launcher is placed using the wind to your advantage. More than likely the dog will catch scent of the bird and lock up on point. At this point calmly praise the dog and try to get hold of dog before releasing bird. The young pup may just run in on bird or after point creep in on bird at which point you launch the bird eventually teaching the pup it can not catch birds.
  The other way we work on this is free planting birds which is most likely the same thing the judges will do at test time. This is when you want to be sure that the pup already points, you do not want the dog to get this bird. We locate an area to plant bird again do not walk straight in, walk in from a side, walk out the same way. Mark the area with tape or ribbon, clutching the bird in your hands extend arms straight out from your body and rotate your arms in a small circular motion for at least 30 seconds. Then tuck the birds head tightly under its wing, grab its legs and pull straight out for at least 10 seconds. At this point the bird should be very calm if not start over. Once the bird is dizzy, head under wing, and legs stretched out place bird in light cover so it still has a escape route. When all bird are placed it is time to get the dog and work the dog into birds always working into the wind.
 Things to remember are: Know your dog before choosing to free plant birds, Always walk in from a side where the dog can see you before flushing bird, Never walk directly in to plant bird, and do not rush let the dog soak up the point. Take pictures. By the way thanks Zac.

Still preparing.

Went out this weekend for the regular dog training session. Still preparing for our VJP test.Hit a little spot we enjoy out near Eagle Mountain. Weather cooperated for most the day, storm came in on us late in the afternoon. Not that the dogs mind the weather but we sure do! We were looking for some rabbits to train on, and we did run in to a few. We were able to do some tracking work with both Hessian and Grizz, able to get both on multiple tracks. Hessian once again got loud (barking) on chase of a rabbit. This is the fourth time he's been loud on game, I hope he keeps it up i really like that and it a little extra something on his pedigree if he does it at a test in front of a judge. We also worked on some pointing drills planting birds with the use of launchers and free planting too. Both dogs did there job well on point. Conditioning both dogs to being handled by strangers checking teeth and tattoos. All in all it was a great day, we didn't get to bring any rabbits home but the dogs got to socialize and so did the owners and our helpers(thanks Biz and Cody). The weathers getting better maybe next time we can break out the BBQ and brewskies. (pictures compliments of Zac. Thanks Zac)