Kennel Question.

I added a poll just above the Post section.
I am curious about something.
I kennel Hessian in an outdoor kennel 6x6x6. Have since he was a pup. I have a small yard and as we all know the drive of this breed, i have always been concerned he would "hunt" his way out.
It is not a problem for I or the dog. He enjoys his kennel and i know he is there when i get home. Besides it has made training easier in my opinion.
My nephew and house mate has a 1 year old dog that he does not crate or kennel for personal reasons. No problem. Just curious on peoples insight as to if Hessian being kenneled, seeing this dog have free roam, in the yard, in the house, in the yard, starts to want to act up, or not always listen so hot cuz he sees this dog free.
Lately he has busted birds on more than one occassion and has started doing the old puppy race car around the yard upon being let out.
Check out the poll above and feel free to comment please.

Bad Dog Chew Toy

Just a heads up not to buy this toy for your Drahthaar.
Not sure if your DD has the same case of the OCD as Hessian but man what a powerful chewer. I had bought this toy for him to take his mind of the Lick Granuloma and in 45 minutes he had destroyed it! Good thing i was there and did not let him swallow any of it or it would have been another expensive vet bill!
Stick with the indestructible Nylabone types.
Petco was nice enough to let me return it.

Lick Granuloma

Hessian has a Lick Granuloma. This is a small sore caused by licking an area constantly. Seems that they start out small and get bigger as time and the licking go on.
The licking is caused out of frustration and drive.
When locked in a kennel day after day, separated from its owner or new things stressing the dog a high prey drive dog has been known to pick a spot and lick away.
The licking is soothing and/or sends endorphins to the brain much like satiating on a bone or toy.
If not treated the dog will lick and lick until the sore is red and infected. There is not much info on an actual cure, just antibiotics and and taking the mind of the area. Even when covering or bandaging the area it has been known for the dog to start licking on another area. The most common area is the wrist area or carpral area.
I have Hessian on Antibiotics now and have given him bones to take his mind off it. But just keep this in mind if you begin to see a pattern in your dogs licking behavior. Thought this might be interesting and help someone out if there dogs develop sores like these.
It took 160 dollars for me to find out.

Elk in West Jordan

Spotted these elk in a field in West Jordan along with the Geese! Guess someones got some domestics. pretty cool to go look at though.