Talkin Bout HZP!

 My world has officially stopped. All focus is on the HZP Test this weekend. I will actually be testing Hessian on Sunday, time to see what my training efforts will produce. The HZP is the second test in the series of testing that goes on inside the VDD. In this test the dog will be judged on it's abilities as a versatile hunting dog. Much like the VJP in scoring but different in that there are added abilities to watch for as well as water work and retrieving. The subjects judged are as follows: Tracking, Use of Nose, Search, Pointing, Cooperation, Desire to Work.
Water Work consisting of Gun Tolerance, Retrieving, Blind Retrieve in Dense Cover, Search Behind the Duck.
 Retrieving of Furred Game, Feathered Game, Manner of Retrieve, and Obedience. The biggest part of training should have been accomplished by this time.
  My best advice to those looking or getting there pups would be to join the VDD, research, and involve yourself with the testing system. I know it might not be for all people, in fact i wasn't sure if it was for me,but this is a breed of dog that is not for everyone too. These are high drive dogs bred to hunt. That is what they live and breathe to do, it takes a bit more patience, perseverance,and commitment to training and knowledge of dogs and dog behavior. These are not for the light hearted or sensitive souls and in my experience being part of an organization like the VDD who's members,breeders and judges will go that extra way to help another out is very commendable. I would not know where to begin training a Drahthaar without help.
  I am extremely nervous for Sunday, I have trained myself and Hessian so hard I just don't want to fail. My biggest concern arose last week when it finally occurred to me that maybe Hessian is not Force Broke yet. Causing a bit of concern on my part wondering what will happen will he bring the duck,bird or rabbit back? Another would be my choice of using the E collar as much as i did i may have screwed up a bit there, not only has he grown wise to it i have become dependant on it and unsure of what my dog will do without it. I have 2 days till i find out. 
 Advice to those who do plan on testing: Start now. Whether you have a pup now or on the way. If waiting on pups start your research, start reading, start calling people and going with others to watch tests or training. If you already have a pup start conditioning it to retrieve, track, use its senses, and obey. Teach your pup who is in charge all the time, no question. Do not let it get the best of you be dominate and controlling. Of course let it be a puppy but make sure it understands you let it. Start dragging hot dogs or meat and teaching the dog to follow its trail to the prize. Teach it to use its nose and smell a planted bird a few feet away and watch that pup point! Take photos and let it soak up those points no rush. Teach it to chase after a frozen bird you toss and praise joyfully the first time it brings the bird back. Get it in the water alot and soon, those little back yard pools are great. Start firing a cap gun or making loud noise, start showing it what sit,down, stay and come mean. Take it's food from it at random, turn on its back and hold it there, play with its muzzle and teeth and ears and do not let it get angry about any of it. Most of all love your pup, exercise your pup for soon you too will be nervous for your HZP. 
Good luck all be seeing some of you in 2 days.

New Additions

I added some stuff to the links section. I now have links to vom Wasatch and vom Moorehaus now. I really like these sites for the great pics and information. vom Moorehaus has a ton of info on there.I urge you to check them out.
I also added a few new forum links, just easy access to some of the forums that i like to visit and see what everyone is talking about these days. Utah Bird Dog forum had changed its address so i updated that and also added Gun Dog forum. Have fun visiting those. All my Reading and Viewing Material is now linked to a source too.
There are some new dogs on the Drahthaar of Ours slideshow.
The Fellow Addicts Slide show has changed also with some new faces from the VGP. I added Steve and Ace, Todd and Beth, Blake and Eddo, and also Jeff and Corinna. Take a peek, and next time you see them don't forget to remind them they are now famous!

VGP Slideshow

It took a while but hopefully i got it right. I made a video with all the pictures Zac sent me,even addded some music, I hope everyone enjoys it, It has a little of everything. The only thing there are no photos of is the bloodtracking portion, as we could not tag along during this test. All the judges and coordinators did a great job in my opinion to plan and prepare this test. The handlers did very well in preparing there dogs for this test also. All handlers and judges had a nice big camp spot set aside up Logan Canyon near Bear Lake and the areas the test took place was perfect hunting country. Perfect for a hunt test. Great job everyone, you guys put on a great show.All 8 of 8 dogs passed. Keep up the good work judges that is a tough gig, maybe i will join in the fun of judging one day.
It's back to training for me, HZP in 7 days so enjoy the video.

Wild West Chapter VGP

Headed out to Logan Canyon to watch the VGP this weekend and WOW is the only way i can describe it. Absolutely amazing what these dogs can do. Anything. They are a true hunting dog through and through.
All will be talking about this VGP for a while because it was one of the better in years. All handlers and dogs were well prepped and all 8 dogs that tested passed.
One of the more amazing shows was Scott Doxey and his dog Gracie who completed the overnight bloodtracking and also the Dead Game Guide portion. Really put on a clinic style performance.
Congrats to all handlers and dogs. It really goes to show that all your hard work and determination in training does pay off. There really is alot involved you should all be very proud of this accomplishment. Thanks to the judges and coordinators who put on a great show, that is some hard work and dedication to the breed.More to come as soon as possible. There is alot of photos and alot to be discussed.
I will try to post more promptly but I am also prepping for the HZP so please be patient,
Enjoy these for now......

Training with the Breed Warden

Last night I took a drive on out to Hooper and met up with Lynn Whiteley of von der Salzmarsch
Who also is the Breed Warden for the VDD. He too is preparing his dog Giza for the HZP. It was nice to get together and have him show me a few pointers and tips from an old school perspective.
We worked with both dogs on some Search behind the duck, and some drags. Everything went well I learned a few thing i need to work on but also exactly how to work on them.
I need to concentrate more on some drag work and a few more live duck searches. Hessian's live duck search went well except i need to keep him from hanging around on my side of the water and get him to go to the other side to search. His drag tracking needs some work. He followed the drag well but marked the drag object several times deciding instead of fetching it up he would search around some more. I need to get on him for not being near enough afraid of coming back to me with nothing. Easy stuff to work on so i know what i will be doing this week.
Thanks Lynn for all your help you have no idea how much it opened my eyes.
To all interested planning on going out this weekend for some training. I will let everyone know via email but just a heads up.
Also added Lynn's and Giza's pictures to both slideshows take a look.

New Faces!

Just added Doug and Elmo vom Fuchsfluesschen also Mac and Harley (Jager) vom Wasatch to the Fellow Addicts Slideshow.
As well as just Elmo and Harley to the Drahthaar of Ours Slideshow.
Thanks for submitting your pics guys! The addiction thanks you!

New Photos Added

I have added some new faces to the Fellow Addicts slideshow and the Drahthaar of Ours slideshow. Look for Nate and Jager vom Wasatch, Scott and Gracie vom Felsengebirge, Mike and Eik vom Felsengebirge, Matt and Bryndis vom Uintah also Ron and Nick vom Wasatch.
On Drahthaar of Ours look for the same dog faces without the handler. Thanks guys it was fun,plan on getting together soon and good luck with all your training and testing. Its almost time to concentrate on hunting!
Don't see YOUR picture(s) on any of the slideshow? Don't blame me, send me your photos and I will post them. Come on, don't ya want to be cool and be able to say "My picture is on the Drahthaar Addiction page!"

Dove Hunt '08'

Headed out west cuz i wanna be a cowboy baby!.....Not. Actually headed out for the opening of the dove hunt! The weather was trying to scare us away but we were not having it. Got to our favorite little watering hole, set up our decoys and found a hole to crawl into behind some bushes. It was a bit chilly and cloudy most the time and even though the sun would peek out in spurts it stayed chilly. To our surprise the doves kept coming in, we thought they would have been headed out of town, maybe we just caught them on thier way out. Whatever the case may be it was the best i had in 2 years, and with a dog that can and will retrieve it makes it that much more fun. I was able to turn it into a small training session working on "Hold" and almost every one was a blind retrieve that helps train as well as basic obedience prepping up for the duck blind ie lay down and stay still. We all had a great time, bagged our share of doves and headed back home.
PICS ABOVE: Bizkit and Todd w/Hessian and our Doves, Hessian holding,
Hessian holding again, Last two Pics are My hunting buddy chilling shotgun in the Jeep ready for action!

HZP / VGP Training

Saturday went out to Lee Kay once again for some training with the ugly dogs and come to think of it not much better looking handlers! Some of us were there to train for HZP and some there to prepare for the VGP. Had some ducks and some chukars and went to work. All together betweem everyone there the subjects worked on were some Search Behind The Duck,Furred Game Drags,Blind Duck Retrieves,Gun Tolerance,Pointing,Steadiness to Shot,BloodTracking and even Dead Game Guide! Learned alot once again, watched some dogs get trained by some great guys met a few new faces and matched them to the dogs we've already heard about! How bad is that when you've heard of the dog before the owner? ! Pretty amusing!
Watched Gracie vom Felsengebirge do a fantastic 17 hour Bloodtrack and as a finale Dead Game Guide work. truly amazing once again showing the true versatility of the Drahthaar. Also watched as Jager vom Wasatch held some tight points stayed steady and retrieved some shot birds as well as Bryndis vom Uintah with great tracking and retrieves on furred game drag and a nice search behind the duck. Ron was there just to watch all the activities and learn about what experiences they are in for with his new pup Nick (Hanks) vom Wasatch. Was able to do some duck work with Hessian and also work on a furred drag as well as get a few points and retrieves out of him. I am concerned about a few things like the fact that he killed the duck and has done this more than once now,wants to pluck birds on retrieves and dropped twicw in the last two weeks. Things that i can hopefully work out before our test but if not thats ok fail or pass i have a great hunter. After all thats what we all want isn't it?
PICS ABOVE: Hessian and Jager cooling off, Some of the guys spectating and helping.
Nate and Mike working with Jager's steady to shot, Jager on point.
Ron's new pup Nick- Hanks vom Wasatch.