Drahthaar Art and Gifts

I just recently stumbled upon some cool websites that offer Drahthaar clothing, posters, artwork and other cool stuff. A few people have requested this info and who am i to with hold any DD information. So I added a link list on the right side with all the others. Take a look, go shopping, and represent your DRAHTHAAR ADDICTION!!!!

New Toy

Just got a cool new toy. Not sure if it is more fun for me or the dog. I only played with it for a few minutes, i will delve in more this weekend but its a cheap alternative to the loud gunshot type of launcher. Which is my next purchase by the way.
It does a pretty good job of getting it out there. I was at the local park and still didn't have enough room so that says something.
Just wanted to let ya'll in on what fun is.

Protect our Fishing Please

I hope you can pass this on to anyone that fishes. It is important to send an email to both your State Representative and your State Senator. Thanks

Last summer the Utah Supreme Court ruled that all streams in Utah are legal to access as long as a person stays in the river bed. This is easily the greatest improvement to hunting/fishing that has ever happened in Utah. Not surprisingly, big agriculture and developers are not happy with the ruling and are working in the legislature right now to remove the law. Here is what I know so far: A powerful Rep from Coalville (Mel Brown) is working to completely remove the law. A powerful Rep from Box Elder County (Ben Ferry) is working toward a compromise bill that allows big landowners an exemption from the law, but lets us fish in rivers that are listed an navigable. There are very few rivers that are listed as navigable, so this is not good either. These bills are held in the protected bill file in the legislature, which means that no one can have access to what they say or what they intend to accomplish. This allows the sponsors to gather support in backdoor meetings and trade-offs, then they can spring it for vote at the last minute and get it passed before most reps know what it's ramifications are. Very tricky. Our best hope is to mount a pre-emptive strike by contacting our representatives now and have them ready to defeat any attempt to water down or repeal the stream access law when it is sprung upon them. Please send this to everyone you have ever known that has ever held a fishing pole in Utah. It is a classic landowner/developer vs. common man fight and we are not in the power position. Please ask your representative to protect you from the special interests of the rich and maintain our right to access public waters to pursue public wildlife. If you don't know your representative's email or phone number, contact me and I'll get it for you. This is important. Here is a link to find your state representative and state senator -http://www.utah.gov/government/
If you have a hard time finding it or not sure what the email should read, contact me and i can help you out.

Stud Book Photo

Got a Breed Show to go to in February. I was thinking of using this as Hessian von der Salzmarsch Stud Book Photo. Whatcha Think!?!

Should of had a Drahthaar

Guess this guy should have spent his 700 dollars on a real dog! Like a Drahthaar! Pretty funny though.