Armbruster Video Finally!!

Armbruster video finally is finished. Sorry this took so long everyone, I had alot of pictures to go through and figure out which ones to use and which get set aside. Thanks to Lee and Zac for sharing your photo's. Some of these may look familiar if you have seen Lee's Slideshow on his website. I added a few others and some music, so enjoy the memories and all the pics it is a bit long but i wanted to try and include a little of everything. Sorry on the length i know download times suck for some, but enjoy none the less.

I also put a VIDEO tab on the main site, I have uploaded a few fom the past and recent making them a little easier to fall back on. I was unable to upload this video here. So just click on the link in this post or return to HOME and go to VIDEO from there. I have been getting some harrasment that these are fun to watch but hard to find when lost so check out that page too.

Utah Gambling?

No I am not having a casino party......Although that does sound pretty fun! Or maybe you were thinking Quail when you read the title....But no, I am not talking about that either.

I am actually talking about my recent trip out to Wasatch Wings and Clay. To appease my hunting urge, i decided to drive 45 minutes away from home and bang a couple birds. Little did i forget my shooting skills are not so up to par! Therefore the gambling.... Hessian did his job fine, it was a day on the warm side for sure. High 70's, and it didn't take long for Hess to wear down but in the meantime i had shot one hen and watched 2 roosters fly in to cover down below. We headed back to the truck for a little break and started over.

We headed back out, for the one hen i knew we had not seen yet, and within minutes Hess locked up and watched as i flushed the bird and shot....Down it went..Fetch! Mission 1 complete.

Time to chase down those 2 Roosters i had seen. It is cooling off now, the wind is blowing good now and we are off. Within a few minutes the wind got real gusty and Hessian is acting real birdy. He is tracking alot and stopping, relocating, like he was trying to pin a bird. Then Bam! He's locked hard! I rush over and sure enough theres a Rooster, Kick, Flush, Click.....Click? No Not click.....Bang.... RELOAD! OK......Bang!!!! Fly away rooster!!!!

That about summed it up. That bird was not landing soon and was gone away now. We looked for a while longer for the last rooster to no avail. Not sure where he went off to, but it wasn't in my game pack.

All in a few hours we had enjoyed ourselves and the time outdoors. Shot a couple birds and got dinner for one night.Not bad. Wasatch Wings has always been a fun little place, Its alot closer than Wendover if ya need a gamble!

New Puppy

Oh no.....someone has themselves a new pup! Zac's friend ,Loren, was looking for a hunting dog and liked what he had seen in Lola and Hessian and began his search for a Drahthaar. Starting doing his research and with Zac's help was on his way to Vernal to pick up a pup from Jon Davis at vom Red Rock. He has only had her a few weeks now but Greta ( Bella) vom Red Rock seems very comfortable. The new owners seem delighted as well. Hessian and Lola didn't seem to be too bothered by her either. They pretty much just went on about there business, curious but uninvolved. I can't wait to continue my addiction with this pup. I'm sure we will be spending alot of time with giving lots of exposure and preparing her for her journey as a hunting and family companion.

I am still planning to put together some training days for all the new puppy owners and owners of new puppies. Lets get together and help each other out, so the breed can continue to develop and be the best it can be. Contact me if you are interested and have not yet heard from me, and as for all the other guys that i know, real well, that have puppies, lets get rolling, i have heard your interest in doing something like this so don't back out now, lets set some dates. lLet me know what works or doesn't work for you.

Armbruster 2009 slide show is coming.....

Armbruster photo's are coming I promise! I have alot of photos and have been sorting through trying to put them together without making an hour long video. I am still waiting to see if a few more come in from the other cameras that were out and about. If you have some photo's you would like to share of the Armbruster, please click here to send them in.
Also in the meantime, here's a few links to see some Armbruster pics:
Lee Root of Vom Okanogan-Flusstal Drahthaars has a nice Armbruster Slide show and an interesting site so check that out. As well the VDD-GNA site has a few pages dedicated to pictures of the Armbruster, also being worked on so keep checking back to see the updates. As of now the Best Of pictures are up as well as the Armbruster Ranking List. In the meantime i will post up some pictures of our recent trip to Wasatch Wings and Clay.As well as our recent excursion with a new Drahthaar puppy owner. Ah the fun is beginning again! Cant wait for another VJP Spring!
I want to put some training days together this winter and on from there leading to the VJP. If you have any interest in doing this with your puppy you can email me for more information as i develop a plan.

Duck Hunt Opener 2009

So upset i missed the actual opening morning as i had to work that day, I suppose we all know that pain, but life goes on!
Made it out on Sunday for what was my duck opener. Went out to the Mac's duck club and what a time we had!
First i must say i have never shot so much on a duck hunt! That was real. There were so many ducks around i had to play like a statue most the time to keep from scaring them away. I must not be very good at staying still cuz they saw me or the dog move a few times and changed their flight path. Hunted out of a sink box style blind for my first time. That was interesting. A little,maybe 5x5 concrete bunker permanently built into the swamp that sits about 10 inches above the water. Talk about weird. Out in the middle of the water, waiting, dog laying on top with a camo hoodie draped over him. Even Hessian didn't know what to think.
That was the morning hunt. Then it was time for lunch and cocktails at the local bar. Yes there is a bar nearby, duh. Ha good times good food, got warm and dry and headed back to the club. Rested up another hour or so and hit it again. This time in an above water blind. More good times, just not so great shooting. Man i need some practice on ducks. Either trying to shoot too far out of range, or not leading them enough. Either way i need practice.....
All in all Hessian did well. We need to hunt like this more so he can get the hang of it. Had a few hang ups in the retrieves through decoys but we worked it out. I think he enjoyed it, I know i did.
Thanks Mac, I had a BLAST!
Now it is off to Wyoming for the Armbruster. Going to watch some Drahthaars in action from all over the country and meet some Germans. In the meantime doing some hunting in Nebraska!!
Ya Nebraska!
Next post will be full of Armbruster and Nebraska!