Fellow Addict Dog Ad- SOLD!!


Eik vom Felsengebirge‏ SOLD
Whelp date June 25th 2006. VJP-69, HZP-176, VGP prz. I 303.
Eik is a medium range dog. Easily kept close while hunting pheasants but will hunt out to 150 yards on sharptail or chukar. He has experience on Pheasants, chukar, huns, sharpies, forest grouse, doves, quail and waterfowl. I have shot more pheasants over his points than anything else but I would say he shines while hunting covey birds. Mainly because he will stand them from a distance.
He is also the best waterfowl dog I've ever owned (including 3 labs). He is calm and quiet in the blind and loves to retrieve. I have not had a chance to do any blood tracking since VGP but this was always something that Eik thoroughly enjoyed. He earned a 4 at his VGP in blood tracking. Eik was diagnosed as a carrier of von Willebrands on May 15th 2007, so there is no breeding potential. But if you're looking for a "Finished" drahthaar in his prime with tons of experience on wild birds then this may be the dog for you!
$4,000 OBO

House Sitting and Jager's return!

Along with merchandise and training / boarding, I also do some house sitting too. Had a client going out of town for 10 days and unable to board the dogs. House sitting is always a nice option to have available for those clients who needs are more to that liking.
I watched over Busta, Lola and Roxy for the ten days. Arriving every morning to to take them for a little stroll around the block, back to home base for feeding and watering. Kept in the yard during the day and checking back a few times a day to play and make sure everything is running smooth. Some days when the weather was not so cooperative, they had to stay in. So I would visit more and play more to keep them tired and occupied until my next visit.
Busta is a Chocolate Red Nose PitBull Terrier, Lola was a mix and Roxy a chihuahua mix.
Great pooches, fun to take care of. Personalities of their own for sure.
Had a good time taking care of these canines, but then when don't I?

During the same time, Jager came back for another short visit! Always an adventure when Jager visits. Hessian and he are like brothers, the way they frolic and play. I love it! It makes for a busy 5 days, but gives Hessain something to do. Took Jager to get his x rays for Hip Dysplasia, as this is required for the Breed Show. No problem to me, it gave me a chance to head out to Ogden bay and run Hess plus get in a little training. Can not complain about that!
Well with Breed show coming up and training season around the corner, I imagine things are going to get busier. I can only hope! And with all the events coming up, I'm sure I will be posting again real soon!

New Year and Jager

The dog...not the liquor! Yep, Jager came back to stay over New Years! Always fun to see Jager! He has been described in our circle as A Bull In A China Shop. So much energy bursting out of this guy! I wish i could bottle it and sell it, i would be a millionaire.
Had a chance to get him out to some open country to run. Not sure of my thought process at the time but um....2 Draht's, well versed in hunting, and i go for a run? What the hell man, should of gone hunting! What was i thinking! Just watching Hessian and Jager work the same area together was fascinating. The 2 dogs that can't leave each other alone for 5 minutes, could care less now. Jager searching one side and Hess the other, both out in front, just can't help but notice any game in the area would be toast! Next time i will be going hunting!
Have a little time left to get on some ducks and some chukar, so i better get on it. Happy New Year and may all your Draht dreams come true in 2010!

Irish and German, Friends!

We had a visitor over the Christmas holiday, soft red furry thing, called Kenai. Yes, like the river in Alaska.
Kenai is an 11 month male old Irish Setter. Quite a looker and fun to have around. I know what your thinking...... that's not a Drahthaar! I know, but in the world of boarding and training that i have now stepped into, there are alot of breeds i imagine i will be posting about. Get used to it... i am getting to like this alot!
Back to Kenai, Irish Setters are known as a very outgoing, friendly and lively dogs. Usually never hostile and compatible with children and other pets. Usually active and playful through it's adulthood. Kenai was no exception! Hessian and Kenai had hours of fun, playing and resting and playing some more. I think Hessian just enjoys having the extra play mate around, he seems content frolicking around with who ever visits. I made sure to give Kenai lots of exercise and love and affection too.
Kenai's owner had mentioned that he was a bit hyper when company would come over, and they would have to lock him away so as to not go crazy and disturb the guests. He asked if i would work on that behaviour while he stayed with us. I had no problem with that, and as it was the holidays, i knew we would have lots of company. Over the 6 day stay with us i was able to get it under control pretty well. Kenai was allowed to say hello or smell hello and then he was told to get back to his bed. It took some repetition, but worked well. By the end he practically knew the routine. I instructed the owner of what i did and informed him to continue the process and hopefully that is coming along well.
Thanks for the visit Kenai. Hope to work with you more. Time to start working on some hunting!


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