The Jaeger Lead

  The Jaeger lead is a German style 4 in 1 or the new 6 in 1 lead for the versatile dog handler. The most basic uses of these leads are: The long lead used for obedience and walking, an over the shoulder hands free lead, an around the waist hands free lead, a short lead, a heeling lead and a tie out lead. Not all Jaeger type leads are the same, they come in a variety of styles like the common leather model to the new nylon style with a few more options. When first getting mine i was a bit confused on all the different ways it could be used so after talking to a few others that had question too i decided to get the low down on these leads and try to compose a little instructional video on how they work. Keep in mind the only one shown in this video is the nylon kind and all Jaeger leads will not have these options, but it should be helpful to the curious wanderer. Click on the video below for a demonstration.   

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  1. That will be helpful. nice video. nice dog