Armbruster 2010

The Wild West Chapter of the VDD was in turn for hosting the Armbruster HZP breed test and breed show for 2010. We chose Boise,ID as the event spot. It had some challenging water and field areas along with a central location in town,close to everything that was needed.
The weather made conditions challenging in the field for sure. It was very warm and dry and it made tracking rabbits and pointing scent conditions a real deal breaker. It was a smaller outcome than last year but all in all a great turn out.
We arrived the opening day of the event and checked out the water and breed show areas. Handlers and spectators began to join and gather, as we had the "Sears" father and son team managing the Beer Gardens and we provided a catered BBQ dinner with all the fixins Old West Style! After dinner the handlers and judges meetings were underway, and a plan was discussed so everyone involved was on the same page. Once all the official business was taken care of we started a Silent Auction that included a Moose Quilt, Blood Tracking collars,Dog Bed, and a Arizona Quail Hunt! We also talked Brandt Hardy into being our Auctioneer for the Live Auction we held as well that evening that had some nice items including a Yeti Cooler, California Waterfowl Hunt,and a California Quail Hunt! We also announced the winner of the Raffle for the Browning Citori shotgun.....which was Blake Gibson who also ran a dog and did very well. The first evening wrapped up around dark, as all had a big weekend ahead.
The first day of testing opened early, with field groups and water/breed show groups meeting up and heading off to the appropriate locations. The temperatures were still high, very warm and dry. Scenting was no easy task for any dog,and even the water portion of the test had it's moments of defeat as well. I was helping around the breed show and water areas, so I was unable to see any of the field work,but there was no lack of stories as to the outcomes.
The second day of testing was the same agenda, however field and water groups switched and continued on. It was another very warm, dry day. Scenting conditions were tough and made it challenging for the dogs. It was a long day in the field work portion and handlers were returning back to the hotel late afternoon. The water work and breed show went smooth, hot and buggy but that's water work. After all were done with the days testing they returned to the hotel worn and exhausted and were finally able to relax that it was all over. The "Sears" boys were back again with the Beer Garden festivities and the parking lot was like a scene from the wild west movies minus the horses and guns! Handlers,Judges,Organizers,Spectators alike were all enjoying the fun and camaraderie of good ol Draht Folks.
The next morning and last day of the event was full of more activities. After breakfast there was a Seminar on breeding that had a good attendance and the Parade of Dogs was in the afternoon. It was a nice warm day, and the parade went great, all handlers were able to show off there dog and spectators were able to get a better look at each one. This same evening was the Awards Banquet also. The silent auction continued and all that attended were able to walk along and get a good look at the Prize Table. There was no absence of prizes at this table. We had a great collection from hunts,puppy's,dog houses,crates and kennels,blood tracking collars and leads, to rifles,safes and of course some Drahthaar Addiction Gear!
All the handlers were called up and given their awards and had a shot at picking a prize. It is nice to see the handlers being awarded and congratulated by the VDD board for all their hard work. Awards were given to some of the organizers including myself for service to the breed and organization. A very neat experience for something I enjoy doing very much!
I want to personally thank Matt and Zac for all their efforts on the Prize Table and collecting donations. Prizes were put together nicely and the table was full. Julie for her diligent work on the Armbruster program. There was alot involved in getting the ads to look right. Paul and his wife Diana did a fantastic job keeping the ball rolling and keeping order, Cal and Lee along with their spouses for their hard work on the meals and merchandise, and Lynn for keeping the test running smooth and without issues. It takes alot of know how to get things done like that. I know alot of people had their hands and time into this event and you are not forgotten. Thank You one and all for another great time and help along the way. Hope to see you all again next year!
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