Hessian's TV Appearance

I worked at Wasatch Wing and Clay this fall and winter. Picked up some guiding work with Hessian and boy was that fun! Met alot of great people and had a wonderful time working the dog for all to enjoy. It has been great being able to watch the dog work and I really enjoyed the reaction from the clients when they see what Hessian can do. Pure amazement at the obedience,skill, talent and pure drive of the DD. Always fun to watch! Wasatch has hosted a number of events this year. Pheasant derby's, tower hunts, clay tournaments. The funnest one for me was the 2 Shot Derby. Hessian and I guided a group of hunters while the hunt was taped for a local program, Hooked On Utah. It was one of the best times I had out there. I have been asked by many people that missed the show or want to see it again, how to view more. So, I have included a link to all the videos from that event. The club is only open for dog training and clay shooting now, but the season opens September 1st, so be sure to get out there! Enjoy your summer, don't let the dogs get lazy, and keep that trigger finger in shape!! Click here for Video footage

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