VJP Show and Tell

April 9th, we put together a "show and tell" for some new pup owners and handlers. A few will be testing next week and others had brand new pups, but came to check it out anyway. The weather was cold and snowbound, but all showed and the day was a success. We gathered at Wasatch Wing and Clay, ran through the details of test day, worked with each dog and handler on tracking, searching,pointing, cooperation, gunfire stability and tips for test day. Had a great lunch in a warm facility and all went home feeling a little better about VJP day. It was good exposure for dogs and handlers alike. When coming into the DD world it can be intimidating. We want our puppy owners to test, so we can watch the direction the breed is going, and get an idea of what dogs are producing what pups. It is also good for the new owners to get involved in testing as it will help them better understand thier dog along with the training and dedication it takes. Not only were these new members shown the breakdown of what a VJP test is, they learned training tips, got ideas and met and talked with other new members in the same shoes. It will help to take alot of pressure off come test day and make it a smoother transition into the testing system. We need to help out these new folks, they are interested and pleased with there DD's as much as we are, and we need to keep it that way. If we let new members slip through our fingers, that dog too will be lost. We will not know what that dog or owner could have contributed to the organization. Thanks to all who showed for this day and Zac, Chad, and Brian for helping it run so well. Enjoy some pictures of the fun, click here for original post and slideshow..

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