Racker came by for a short stay recently. He is a male Drahthaar from vom Elderbach.
He is about 7 months old, 60 pounds and a very energetic pup. He was fun to have and I think he left here having learned a few new things and hopefully a little happier. His owners are new to Drahthaar's and didn't quite know what they had on their hands until recently. Racker has been challenging their authority and not listening so well. Alot of it was the puppy in him, most of it was the lack of structure, that he required. This is common with first time DD owners. There is not a whole lot of info out there and not many people share the fact that...These dogs are not pets....
Yes, they make great companions by our side in the hunt and in the home, but they are trained and developed as young pups to be that way. If they are not shown the meaning of what is right and wrong to you, they will never understand their role.
This breed needs a ton of exercise,discipline and training that come hand in hand.They are born to hunt. That is what the breed is made for, the in home companion is a bonus deal. The discipline and activities must be in place for these dogs to adapt to what ever way we choose to "humanize" them. This is the same breed that was made to bay down pigs,track big game,fight off predators, retrieve all game furred or feathered, hunt field,forest and water till their paws bleed.
How can they be expected to be normal, calm, relaxed without proper discipline,structure and exercise? We love our dogs, you bet, but most were bred for a purpose....without that purpose in their lives, they can not be truly happy. By loving them, we should be giving them what they need. Right?
I was able to spend a few days with Racker. We got out into the field and water, went for searches and tossed bumpers. Put him on a few birds just for the exposure, awaken his senses so to speak. He listened to me well after a short bit and seemed to learn quickly all the things I exposed him to. Hessian and Racker had fun at home playing and Hess helped show Racker what "house manners" are. All in all I was impressed with Racker and his abilities. Given the proper structure, exercise,discipline and hunting activity he will be quite the partner to have around.
Best of luck to his owners, It is going to be alot of work and time,but it will pay off handsomely.

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