VGP Camping and Training

This month has been a fantastic training month! I have seen lots of different reactions to different levels of training on several different dogs. How lucky I am!
Met up with some local Addicts and 1 not so local Addict from Colorado. We took to the hills for some training and camping fun. Had a sweet little camp spot with a little open field and dense cover behind it, not to mention the pond that was there. (The one we all tried to keep our dogs out of and some of us were not so successful.) Good fun!!
We all have dogs preparing for the VGP, so forest work was definitely in order. Got a chance to work on all aspects of the test, especially my favorite...the Fox in the Box or Fox over Obstacle,
with some drags and of course Bloodtracking!
Training seems to be coming along well for everyone. It is interesting to see the other dogs and the progress they make. How different the issues we all have are. It's nice to see the other handlers and how they "tackle" each issue. Get and give opinions and advice, experiences we have had and things we have seen. Can't say 10 years ago, I would have thought for a second, about sitting in the woods around a campfire, having great food,great beverages,great conversation with great people, and it all being related to dogs. Our common interest and Addiction to Drahthaars has brought us here! For that I am happy and grateful.
Test day is not too far out now, with the Armbruster just ahead, it is about to get crazy busy around here. Soon we will be done with the testing and all work can focus to hunting now! I expect this is going to be a productive season! Happy Training!

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